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  1. I would think it's a double disaster Pat ! Been closed down here and raining here all morning and still is !! A really bad decision to liberate OMO.
  2. showman


    Another joker in the pack.
  3. showman


    Not too many to answer it though !
  4. showman


    So, what does that mean ?
  5. Happy Birthday Andy, enjoy your day. ^_^
  6. showman

    Wicker Baskets

    Could it be they've forgotten their possible humble beginnings ? Being suppliers to Fortnum & Mason , maybe you're not as important ?
  7. showman

    Wicker Baskets

    Any luck with your basket search mate ? Did you check out Kingstown Pet Supplies \ Billericay.
  8. Sorry, but luck doesn't even come anywhere into it !! Many years of patience and observing within itself will remove any 'luck'. ……….'we have no time to stand and stare' .....
  9. Alright guys, the better half is much in need of a bit of sun and 4 / 5 star surroundings. We've never been away this late in the year, so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations to be assured of some winter sun and hotels. 4 / 5 hours flying time. Thanks folks. Paul
  10. Bit confused ! What time do your lights come on, and at what time go off ? What time do attend your loft in the morning ?
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