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  1. JohnQuinn

    Snrpc Arras

    Hope the guys get a good run of doos now.
  2. Superb effort Davie Well Done mate. Well do e tae my old club mate Wullie McDonald also in this morning.
  3. Superb Derek, what a time tae get her tae, amazing !! 👠ðŸ‘
  4. JohnQuinn

    Snrpc Arras

    Any news on arrivals ??
  5. I'll concede tae that, I was 15mins out counting time.
  6. I make it 781ypm for Jock's doo. Stand tae be corrected though !!
  7. Ave got previous for slightly premature
  8. Here here, would love tae see Stuart Maskame time from over 700mls, especially if I have a yb off it !! 😅😅
  9. Just seen them John. Glad tae see it tae coz I was beginning tae think they were still in France!!! Big well done to those who have timedone, particularly Jock who looks all over the winner unless there are secrets being kept 😑😑
  10. There's Nae doos tae give a velocity. It's full cloud cover and raining steady here the now so it could be some time yet before anyone gets a doo, IF they make it at all but it's looking like a repeat of Alencon
  11. Lmao John, a can just picture your reaction 😅😅
  12. Was there first time in a basket Duncan, usually give them 6-8 on their own before mixing them in. Now thinking safety in numbers and let them take their chances.
  13. Aye it's a great spot Derek, particularly for pieds and grizzles which is all am left with tae train fae it. Ps. Wan turned up in Hamilton and another in Lochgelly expletive remove.
  14. Think it's a gauntlet no matter where we lib them from but ye can bet Lan Loch is now off my list of options.
  15. Well I thought Not training ato all last year didn't work so decided tae give them a few short tosses before racing. Lanark Loch (11mls) on Sunday morning @ 10:10 a tossed 30, 1st doo 13:40 and they came in singles all day. Had 10 by Sunday night, another 8 yesterday and one tissue morning. 19/30. So noo a don't know what's best for them.
  16. JohnQuinn


    Congratulations Davie, what dreams are made of and why we keep them. ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  17. Good shout to have a rule specifically to deal with races that haven't enough doos tae make a full result up. What we have tae bear in mind is that successive committees, from when the hours of darkness were decided, failed tae bring changes tae the table.....which also says the members never thought of doing anything about it either because, to the best of my knowledge, no member has put a proposal in to accommodate these circumstances. On that basis we've naebody but ourselves tae blame !!!! For what it's worth in these circumstances I would close the race at 400ypm to the longest flying Entry in the race. That way hours of darkness would only come into the equation on the first night as after that in a disaster like this they are so spread out 5 hrs or 8hrs wouldn't make much odds. I think 11-4:30 is about right tae. Has to be a cut off point or god knows when some guys wid time in and want their clock run aff 🤣🤣
  18. JohnQuinn


    Well done Wullie game wee doo that. Race looks like it's been a success, very tough but a fair few doos have done themselves proud well done to one and all.ðŸ‘
  19. JohnQuinn


    It's no on the website George, been looking for it ma sel
  20. JohnQuinn


    10&1/2 hours in, squeaky bum time approaching fast. Best of luck to those entered I Truly hope a good race unfolds and returns are Excellent for all.
  21. JohnQuinn

    Just In

    A Newmains club ring Jim. Andy Frame 07757 999311
  22. That isn't sometching I can relate to Walter I have served every club I have been a member of including the SNFC committee, delegate to the SHU. Rules and Appeals committees of the SHU, Fed JVP Fed Pres and convener of marking stationso. Bit that doesn't give me More entitlement to criticise race controlling, I only have the same rights as any other member to voice displeasure when those who Agreed to take a position make a right roaring Cnut of things.
  23. They might be Stevie but them being brave is costing men years of work and no shortage of cash. They should be brave enough tae walk away !!!
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