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  1. Funny that and a well done wonder
  2. Wot A Pigeon for my good friend Eadie & Kelly Budgie on her
  3. Thanks everyone no every open race you get 21 over the pad from 77ml in a minute cheers ops forgot took all the pools aswell pmsl
  4. Get well soon big mcdonut They won't be able to keep you in there long trying to feed you and cleaning your cage out 😜
  5. As I said not accusing any one of anything but central marketing should mean wot it says or wots the point
  6. With another outbreak of cov 19 There will be no AGM Everything will stay status quo Wots your thoughts
  7. Herd a rumour there were some clubs did not central mark but brought birds to the 2 clubs already marked in basket's already sealed some with not the recommended 4 members at each club I thought that was the idear for central Marking wots your thoughts and think carefully before you respond am not accusing any one of cheating
  8. Just thinking out the box her If all feds had one loft full of unrung pigeons that are treated as racers and took to the race point and released 1hr before the rest with good paint on there backs this would clear the road home for the rest of the fed after 1 season they would need to be well bred and trained and a £1 week of all members to keep them in the best of feed
  9. Out standing dicky Boyle
  10. Some people dont no how to read a weather map map but sunday looks the better day for racing
  11. I thought you liked blow homes the last race you one was a tail winder lol
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