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  1. toilets on a lib site? what a luxury,i have 2 sites on the fife fed program with such luxuries alnwick and wakefield the rest of them you need to rough it
  2. got about 20 rollers all good healthy birds various colours free as i need the space
  3. hopefully some of them actually use it this time,free training toss and they will get the experience of being on the transporter
  4. choclate pied nehu2016sun2900 escaped out the loft today,would really like him back an old favourite
  5. your better training your birds to drink in the basket,i put the water on in the transporter as soon as i arrive and leave it that way it gives them all a chance to get a drink,but i cannot make the birds drink it,, the 1s that have been trained and the experienced are always the first to come forward for a drink
  6. in my fed birds do not get fed unless it is a holdover,i put the water on as soon as the transporter gets parked up and then top it up again in the morning maybe best to ask your convoyer
  7. su19ne2163 let it go in perth on tuesday along with su20ab269 but its back again
  8. found some rings near a peregrines nest near dunfermline,su13ca2396,,gb17p21517,,su06a2297,,gb16l24943,strange that there all older birds also found 7 ets rings and a couple of rings belonging myself that were only lost this week?
  9. never got the numbers like i said took the first 1 out the box it was crawling with lice so just tipped the lot out the box,its no wonder some birds cannot get home with the amount of passengers there carrying its disgusting
  10. brought 6 pentland birds,2 gb s birds and 1 nw up the road from wakefield let all the p birds go at wallyford dont ask for ring numbers i was disgusted at the amount of lice on the first 1 i took out the box i just tipped the box and let the lot go the other 3 were let go in dunfermline
  11. well done mark well deserved hope you get the same at the national
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