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  1. When training young pigeons how many miles do you go for the first toss and would you say 10 miles is to far for the first toss
  2. How many of you pay more than a pound per pigeon to race in a fed club
  3. How many pairs of stock pigeons can you keep in a 8 x 6 shed with a 8 x 4 aviary on
  4. How do you do the velocity on the t3 pigeon clock
  5. I am in chesterfield Derbyshire thanks
  6. Has anyone got any pigeons for sale cheap or free to a new starter
  7. are a & b courier still going at manchester
  8. Has anyone got Jim emerton pigeons and how good are they at flying right out to 800 miles
  9. Where would I find pigeons winning right out to 800 miles in uk now
  10. What breed off pigeon will win races from 50 miles to 800 miles
  11. Do anyone keep and race Paul swindell pigeon over here
  12. hi have the staff van reet pigeons had there day and is there better and faster pigeons today
  13. how good are the emiel deweerdts and how far will they fly and win at and will they sprint as young pigeons
  14. what pigeons to cross into deweerdts to make them fly fastester but still beable to do win at sprint and do 500 to 600 miles
  15. Which ets system is the best and what do you think off the unikon pads
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