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  1. Ripon 2019 - 63 sent 798 birds Ripon 2018 - 79 sent 924 birds Charnock Richards 2017 72 sent 813 birds Taking into account other factors this year, Covid, from the off a number of fanciers didn’t breed as many Ybs as normal, Many didn’t race at all. Also you could add that from looking at the sends this year, the West section has completely lost all faith in the FED race team to deliver quality races, where they are normally the biggest sends, now the smallest. Delays ,,, most weeks also ,, some guys are sickened by the fact that they don’t know what’s happening every week and have simply stopped. So looking at the numbers , if send Of 500 it would work out about right I can name 4 off the top off my head, prominent fanciers that have stopped their best and are racing the rest out , or stopped their Ybs after 4 races and have full old bird teams.. yes YB racing has been poor and Erratic at times ,,,, but the it’s same fanciers in every club, in every sect that are getting better racing and returns. I can’t ever remember in the last decade the YB National ever been greatly supported from Lanarkshire So yip its been a hell of a year, but the numbers don’t tell the full story
  2. To an extent yip , If a guy has 30 Ybs and gets whacked at 12 miles , drops 10,,,, no doubt he will be shitting himself to put them back in a basket. It then comes down to mental strength of both bird and fancier,,, the hardest thing in pigeons to teach is discipline,, to the bird ,, but most of all to the fancier,,,, I was unbelievably fortunate to have who I would regard as the best at it too teach me at a young age.... and just like training Ybs what we learn as kids never leaves us. My theory is a larger % of my birds break from the liberation site, which in turn leads to better returns For me, only IF and it’s a big IF ,, if leaders are left alone,,, our results go hand in hand to back that theory up... If the main batch stays 5 mins longer not only are they beaten excessively,, but I would say they are now prime target,,, big batch or little batch I’d reckon Percy will go for the best odds... Unless the top flyers across the country get total control of the sport, I’m afraid it’s a ticking time bomb,,,,, prime example is what mark Gilbert and co have done for BICC,,, But again it’s all political and personal agendas , instead of racing and birds being put first
  3. Yeah 100% 9/10 when the good ones go missing it will be hawks,,wires,, etc etc ,,,, old birds was hard this year when you check the velocities, which suggests to me they are not clearing well at race points.... add in the Covid delay too,,,,but personally I was delighted with my own returns,, Not inc Gold cup,,, but there something new developed for me in the past 5 years,,, where if you don’t get them within the first 2 hours ,,, u tend not to see them,,, I put that down to hawks , then the domino effect of being hit to ground,, and other predators, like buzzards etc Come in to play. As I say hawks are main cause without a doubt in my mind,,, but also, you can have fanciers 1. Not training as Ybs 2. Breeding of what’s left as old,,,sometimes these are just the survivors ,, hide and seek doos 3. That then leads to poorer quality bred each year, and uneducated late breds to compensate losses 4. Throw health issues, on top of 1,2,3 it’s a powder keg for poor racing I’m not trying to come across as this is my way and it’s only right,, but I’d bet my life ,,,, don’t race youngsters,,I will ,,,the gap will double in size between leaders on a Saturday I hope we can get something sorted within the Fed this year coming We have to make it a priority of the new top table All best mate
  4. Of course we take our fair share of hits and losses, probably more at times As we train more than 99% of fanciers. I lose more in training every year than racing, I took a big hit in 2016 with Percy, straight thru the batch at 12 miler,,, dropped 35 from 85, but the 50 that made it is what the last 4 years success was built on. We maybe approach it differently than most, and maybe that reflects in our results, I’m trying too lose Youngsters, tested them over and over , I only want the best ones , so by the time racing comes the % of sh** is out my team,,, they go in all weathers all winds,, the best and smartest always come thru,,, this year I took a hit at Lanark , a lot of guys know,,,, 4 baskets 3 home on time , all 26 hens missing all the last basket 4 reported, 2 hawked,,, tells me ,, sh** unlucky today Paul. Wipe my tears Back for more tomorrow...... that’s been the same way since 1990’s , add in good stockmanship and investments , to the point where most of my Ybs contain more FED toppers than most clubs have ever achieved.... bred for the job. ( but that will all be luck,wind,and location) This year guys that I personally know are really good doo men have got wiped out,,, in Scotland and England , for me it can only be Hawks Personally in racing my returns are bout Same as every year... Though I’m waiting on my big hit , going by the stories I here Race 1. 68/62 Race 2. 58/58 Race 3. 60/53 Race 4. 51/46 My best young cocks are now stopped All had 4 races , plenty road work , earned their perch . Prob Send 30sh this week if all handling well and moult is good Hawks are without a doubt the main issue,,,, but lazy fanciers and poor quality , unhealthy birds are also a factor. Youngsters is a total reflection of the saying “You only get out what you put in†atb this week Keep racing
  5. There is no doubt Young bird racing is now getting harder every year, and that’s not just in Scotland it’s across the full UK, some of the losses south of the border I’ve heard this year would make the hairs stand up. As is the case in the “ premier league “ Belgium ,with fanciers losing 100s from their loft and training/racing the overall main factor is the BOP situation, I think we all can agree on that, however we have never helped ourselves, I’ve sat and listened now basically all my life to the same stories and what we should do, etc etc, every time it’s even suggested at union or fed level, ( where it has done to be remotely effective) it’s instant scare mongering tactics , jail,, fines ,,police,,reported etc etc , you will put the Fed in bother ,,,blah blah blah,,,, The one man band stuff is all fine and well, and more power to them but realistically that’s like firing a pea shooter to the moon. In terms of the size of the problem we face. Outside the BOP situation there is also massive factors that are certainly are making YB racing even harder. One being uneducated Ybs, all they do is cause mass panic at a liberation ( and yip no doubt at this point some will shout in with a bird that did xyz, untrained) but let’s look at the big picture 1/500 if your lucky of untrained, unraced and basically uneducated will achieve a good level of success in their future. I’ve never been hard on my youngsters in terms of racing, most my best Ybs are by after 3 races, once they had the experience of leaving a big convoy, doing the right sort of times . also training well.,, basically showing they have brains. But they are Schooled very very hard!!! Pigeons are no different from any other racing animal , horses, dogs all need schooled to enhance and improve their basic natural instincts. Take the best son of frankel don’t train it or school him,, slap a saddle on it , fire him on a track ,, good luck finding a jockey to ride it Not racing YBS is not the answer , Infact it will just be detrimental to old bird racing The other factor is sickness and unhealthy, unfit Ybs. Every year I see and here the same stories XYZ has sickness or Ybs dying ,, week later in the basket, if ever their was a case for your own baskets for Yb racing it’s now. Poor decisions and controlling, some of the calls in all the feds this year have been a down right disgrace. if they don’t get a good start in yb racing , esp in their first race of their lives , well your asking for bother, Lanarkshire have had 2 absolute shockers 2 years in a row In The first yb race...,,,fact. Race points,,,,honestly I don’t think a bit of homework goes into these programs at times,,,take Hexham for example ,, anyone that can read a map can see that it lies in a valley that runs east to west ,,, so instantly the ybs can’t head north they have to decide right or left. Hence we get reports of birds not clearing the site , and we all know they more they mess around the more likely they will get hit sooner or later,,, trapped in a valley,, confused because they can’t go north, and now getting set upon by a family of predators. The sad story here is that it’s all in our hands and it always has been... Changes or changing,,, it’s the most scary word for pigeon fanciers, I’ve watch generations of my family now come and go and still the sport hasn’t changed it’s stood still, and god for bid you should try an influence change,,,,,,,,so we are all to blame, over 50/60 you are more to blame than anyone , As you have done absolutely nothing for decades now. Positive Ideas ? Like Tam said False libs ( painted or not, of course I’d personally have every bird done but that’s another argument) cross over old bird racing into yb racing with old hens, creating more confidence in the convoy to leave the sites effectively ( mother taking walking you to school theory) Race programs that repeat the same points for 5 years at a time,,, so they are there as young bird,,yearling,, old birds,,, (Again all confidence gaining clearing well) Home work on points and programs , (it’s taking Lanarkshire 2 months to get to 200 miles as old birds ,,,, not to mention a month to get 100 miles with Ybs) And they wonder why in nationals statistically they are so far behind For me we stand as a crossroads as a sport in Scotland It needs a Total revamp , we are a cash rich sport, that’s a fact ,the top unions and Feds are sitting with bank balances that could choke a horse,,,,and are doing nothing positive with it ,, All the best and hopeful safe racing for the remainder of the season across the country P Mac
  6. Bye Gordon,,, hello RPRA Never in our life would you have thought you would see the so called head of a union so determined for racing not to happen.... hurdle after hurdle...of these stupid little barriers, that he is trying to manifest, to the point that they are that bad that no one is now listening to him anymore.... I for one would support a immediate EGM for lanarkshire to gain Dual membership for all its members,Fed will foot the bill..and we join the rest of the UK and enjoy whats left of our old bird season... Thank God for Ian Evans and his team who by next week will have, all of England, wales, and part of Scotland racing, he has been a credit to the sport... Interpreting the First ministers annoucement to a tee....not looking for snags and little words that could effect almost anything and any business in life ...but by using common sense and looking at the big picture..... As John Said...if you dont want to race...then dont...its is a simple as that. Well done Lanarkshire team...see yous Friday
  7. As the person who wrote the proposal it always stated THE WRC will race under SHU Rules Those who are not can simply apply ( I.e you can’t race other wise) That movement their forces all the federations together under the same set of racing rules, or what I call common sense. Glasgow members where made aware of that even up till Friday evening. The WRC was solely about getting everyone together , competing together, not part of a Fed and definitely not more non competing members in the convoy in my eyes making the race a mockery and killing a prestige. To break it down for everyone, we simply were trying to lay a new carpet, free of charge, everyone welcome, all you have to do is take your shoes off, and be the same as everyone else, over 50% of Glasgow refused to do that, and voted to be different from the rest. That instantly causes divide, which my vision of the WRC is the exact opposite of that, where we are all singing off the same song sheet. So due to unwilling to change and bitterness of a few, who for decades now have been a strong hold in the divide of the west Region into 2 Governing bodies, we have stepped down our support and leave it to the fancy to do what they please with the situation. I’m extremely proud that we got Lanarkshire to open up to convoy surrounding Federations in the future if and when is right, and we thank all the forward thinking members for they votes. We will I turn sponsor a LRPF Open race in the 2020 season as our contribution to the sport in our local area. We will no longer discuss the WRC as it’s no longer our agenda , we wish all the fanciers the best in what they decide for 2020 and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year Paul Macaloney
  8. Paul Mac 31


    It’s been a poor YB season in terms of the quality racing and returns, that’s also been a UK problem Must say it’s the best old season I cant remember in terms of returns with Lanarkshire anyways, which makes the YB season seem even more strange. More reason to pull all our resources together and make the best future possible. I’m pretty sure the winter will rejuvenate everyone’s appetite for next year,,, all the best to those who send tonight hope it’s a straight race.
  9. Check the line of flight from Worshop,,Peterborough,,, Billericay,, then on to Ypres,,,etc etc It’s near a straight line
  10. After taking onboard all views,opinions and Feedback from across the West Region, We have put together our final Draft, which will be proposed to the LRPF. We have tried to help and accommodate as many fanciers issues or fears all in a bid to provide the best possible organisation, program and hopefully future racing into the West Region Presenting the , West Region Combine ( W.R.C) Pending the Vote of the LRPF members In 2020 AGM. The WRC is Open to all lofts Currently situated in the boundaries of West Region of either SNFC or SNRPC, boundaries that have been in place for numerous years now. The WRC will consist of 3 inland old bird races & 1 Young bird race The WRC will be transported by LRPF, unless over 8000 Birds where alternative Geraldy transporter will be added. In essence the WRC will run exactly like the Lanarkshire Social Circle has done so successfully for Decades. Marking for the WRC The birds will be marked in their local Clubs as standard, like any other Federation Race. The plan being for Ayrshire & Glasgow members to also mark at their clubs and ship the birds to Uddingston Flying Club, where they will be loaded onto the LRPF Transporter. Thus giving us a convoy of the WRC Any Non member of these Federations is welcome to mark at the nearest possible club within their Section of the WRC ( Non Federation members will be placed in the closest section to their loft location) The WRC will race under SHU rules ( those who are not SHU members can simply apply, as most now carry dual membership) If all Federations Get on board The WRC will consist of 3 sections Lanarkshire Glasgow and Ayrshire All which have existing boundaries The WRC Open result will consist of the fastest 50 birds from each Section Thus giving a fair display across the Combine. Each Section having the same prize money for the 1,2,3 places 1st £250 2nd £150 3rd £100 A £5 NOM will be in place across the Combines Open result No limit on the amount of birds that can be NOMINATED. ( 75% will go to the winners of the First NOM bird ) ( 25% will be retained by the Club to help with running costs) A £10 Loft pool will also be available for those wishing to enter. Again paid out in a 75% -25% We would encourage that the competing Federations also have their own Open race on these days, as they have done in the past, thus providing alternative pools for their members. Presentation Night ( free of charge) The Seasons 4 race Winners - 6 major Trophies that will be the future Historical Refs for the club The 4 WRC Races winners 1 WRC Champion Loft Cup 1 WRC Ace Bird Award 12 Section winners - Medals WRC ACE Birds Awards worked on points system, a Top 10 will be tallied ( each Section 50 points for 1st, 1 point for 50th etc) Highest points Birds wins, and so on. 1-10 listed Depending on running costs the ACE bird will the most prestigious prize, receiving in the regions of £1000. Insuring the Multi Performance birds get true accolades. An Annual sale will be held from the best of Britain and Europe to raise funds. Sponsorship will also be raised from various Feed companies and local businesses and Businessmen who will sponsor each individual race. Facebook Live,, Gone are the days of £1.50 to call a lib line, The WRC Facebook page will run live on Race Days , with members only pass ,allowing fanciers the option to record their first birds times as the race unfolds. The Facebook Page will also deliver winning Results, reports,,updates,,lost birds etc. Costs -£0,,, Only effort and time needed. So What are We creating? A footprint for the future of inland racing into the west of Scotland, with the flexibility to insure our birds have the best available care, transport and chance of performing at the highest possible level, be that in the WSC races or as prep for future Channel Races. Our Goal is simple to deliver Quality Inland Racing with superb Competition, with all the convoy heading to the The same Area, Racing in an Open result your own environment,, with safety in numbers, also insuring the sport for generations to enjoy as our predecessors have before us. Our 2020 LRPF Race Program Proposal Incorporating the 4 WRC races ( remember distance you fly isn’t always what everyone flys,,etc) Proposed LRPF 2020 program 18th April - Kelso 64 miles 25th April - hexham 97 miles 2nd May - Tow law 117 miles 9th May - Ripon 157 miles 16th May - Wetherby 170 miles 23rd May - WRC Worksop 210 - 240 miles 30th May - Tow law 117 miles 6th June - Ripon 157miles 13th June - WRC Peterborough 260- 290 miles 20th June - Kelso 64 miles 27th June - WRC Billericay 340- 370 miles 4th July - Kelso 64 miles 11th July - Ypres 450 miles ( Feds would vote to go with SNFC or their own as previous, WRC has no interest in Channel Racing, it’s sole purpose is to deliver quality inland racing and competition to the West Section) Young Bird 2020 1st August Kelso - 64 miles 8th August Kelso - 64 miles 15th August Hexham - 97 miles 22nd August Tow law -117 miles 29th August Ripon - 157 miles 5th September Wetherby - W.S.C. 170mile - 190 miles ( the above dates are not set in stone as of yet, but will not differ much if any) In 2020 any start up , running costs and prize money of the WRC will be funded by Macaloney Pigeons. Their after everything going to plan the organisation should be self Funding, running as close to non profit as possible, covering overheads, giving everything back to its members, also insuring Great inland Racing for years to come. We urge all LRPF members who are Pro the WRC to attend their AGM and Cast their vote, this is a vital moment for the future of pigeon racing in the West of Scotland, hope to see yous all there. Any questions, I will be attending most clubs prior to the meeting, can be answered then Yours in sport Paul Macaloney.
  11. U know ius ,,We try and win every race we enter col,,, no excuses,, just facts,,
  12. Same east wind they where 1234 fed 5992 birds thanks 2019 #noexcuses
  13. Cheers mate, That’s exactly what it’s about, we can have a decade of decline infront of us or stem that tide with common sense and pulling together, again it’s about trying to deliver better racing into the west Region,, lads that say the LRPF don’t need XYZ are blind,, in 2009 we had 9122 birds at the races,,, ten 10years later we peaked at 6170 ,,, a near 3000bird difference. Bottom line thru time, less birds and members, higher costs,, that’s basic economics. what I want to do if offer the opposite, and an alternative to what we have done previously, and I’m certain we can deliver that. We can come together for key races in everyone’s race programs or we can witness more decline. I’ve heard the usual snipes of, the Mac’s just want birdage,, money,, Duifs,,, well to be frank we have already Done and Got all that. For me this is about giving back, what guys don’t see is the 25-30 youngsters that leave our place for , club and fed funds,,transport funds,, kids charities.. in essence that has having no great impact on the sport,,, I would simply like to re route that money each year into the WRC ,,impacting the sport in my own area, where not only me , but the whole west region benefit. What I see is the potential to have the 2nd biggest Combine in the UK, hopefully everyone together supplying better quality races. Some guys will never agree with that, or hold personal views against us,, to hide their own insecurities,,,that’s water off a ducks back to me,,, Let’s hope the majority of the LRPF can see sense and not only help themselves but everyone in the Region.
  14. As i said ,, I see no change, status quo,,, won’t appear in Fed and Combine result unless in boundaries of both
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