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Is Anyone Started Or Planned Breeding


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Around early March(all 12 pairs) When the local Rooks start building their nests.

I also often wonder how many fanciers still race their birds on the natural system?


I been doing natural system for 4 years but this year doing roundabout as I notice with natural most of my pigeons are lazy when it comes to racing as there’s no motivation especially the cocks to race home to their partners.

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Paired up last Saturday 36 pairs all going in and out their boxes no fighting so far eggs this week hopefully

its far to cauld to pair up yasel never mind pigeons best luck nip yir gonna need to keep all them babies if we dont get any racing and that just might happen
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Never liked natural, thought it was hard work! Tended to need much more motivation than other systems

fly my small team on natural as I find it much easier to manage the birds around my work and family commitments.

Flying on other systems require more regimented approach to get the best from the birds in my opinion.

My pigeons can be out on open hole keeping themselves in shape and I'm of the opinion that on the hard races we see in Ayrshire that the natural pigeons come to the fore

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Eggs just started to hatch—don’t have any stock this year as I lent them out but never have more than 3 to 4 pairs at stock so only breeding off my racers so 14 pair set away but 4 young hens decided not to lay and although they paired well and are going to nest still no signs of eggs.

This year I have 5 fut rings from the NEHU, 3rings for Barnsley Breeder buyer ,3 pens paid for in Vale of Derwent breeder buyer- over £10,000 in this one,one £100 ring open to only my fed—only ten rings sold only one prize —£1000.

One £100 ring only ten sold —open to West Durham Amal boundaries —one prize £1000

Will also be entering Cockfield breeder buyer - won it last two years clearing over £1200.

Will see what else pops up.

Maximum young birds kept will be 30,enough to get my enjoyment .

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