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  1. North Shields Hs sec mr l Robertson 01912963288 Medowell hs mr s Griffiths 07803394834 North Shields
  2. No sooner said and hailstones started .
  3. 🌞WDA at Leicester
  4. 10 .30 ish in the north east . https://ibb.co/4ZWnn93 https://ibb.co/t2Z2c9L https://ibb.co/Z8jgx9m
  5. WDA basketing today for Maidstone ,hope to lib Sunday
  6. Great morning in the north east suns been out all morning took a couple of pics at 10:50 ,hope they open up for you as friend using a smart tv said he couldn’t open them up off my local result site. https://ibb.co/jT6MdFd https://ibb.co/RzNXVhD https://ibb.co/sP5sykD
  7. 3pm still the same ! 3:30 itv telly racing newcastle
  8. 1pm drizzling and fog dropped in again.
  9. 12.00 noon rain stopped and fog starting to lift seems brighter.
  10. https://ibb.co/fkJ9bCt https://ibb.co/W3D2mFC https://ibb.co/JC3Fb6r https://ibb.co/SN2Hb1B Well lads 11.30 in the north east and it’s wet ,foggy and definitely not pigeon racing weather but if it changes as forcast I will let you know.
  11. A bit late but hope you had a good day Gordon
  12. https://ibb.co/cKBQ4H6 https://ibb.co/VNyyW9L https://ibb.co/NspMZZx https://ibb.co/yBj0hw6 https://ibb.co/s34RP8v https://ibb.co/ckZZYPZ https://ibb.co/2Fw5Dzk https://ibb.co/CPvswM4 Looking up the garden and down the garden. Warm enough no wind to talk of.bright enough.
  13. Waiting in the garden wind dropped totally overcast.
  14. https://ibb.co/MNW4v70 https://ibb.co/cwNVnT3 https://ibb.co/HKYbRn3 https://ibb.co/4JXvSDY https://ibb.co/T0ZMkMH https://ibb.co/y8SnbDC Wind bit chilly Pics taken all together as a panoramic view.
  15. The wda liberated at six am at Maidstone in a north west wind
  16. Weather approx 20miles north. Fast day lads.
  17. Blue sky warm ,even got two young birds back off training toss off wed night.
  18. Vale of derwent breeder buyer gold's picture Submitted by gold on Mon, 05/04/2021 - 15:20 2021 BREEDER BUYER FINAL TOTAL FOR THIS YEARS IS £21269 PRIZES ARE AS FOLLOWS -: 1ST £2750 EACH 2ND £1200 EACH 3RD £1124.50 EACH 4TH £1000 EACH 5TH £900 EACH 6TH £800 EACH 7TH £700 EACH 8TH £500 EACH 9TH £400 EACH 10TH £300 EACH 11TH £160 EACH 12TH £160 EACH 13TH £160 EACH 14TH £160 EACH 15TH £160 EACH 16TH £160 EACH WE ALSO HAVE SOME SPONSORS THAT WILL IN DUE COURSE BE PUT UP ON THE PAGE THANKS JAMES AND ALYSON
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