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  1. Yeah love to join need good doos for the distance but it’s amazing that some doos can do that
  2. About 600 miles to Aberdeen in Scotland ouch long way
  3. Shame for those birds I know low risk to humans but careful to the doos we need
  4. I’m ok with getting to Dundee and I could take some members birds but that will be next year though
  5. What!!! That’s a fair drive just to drop doos off
  6. Good all the best
  7. That’s everything only extra thing to get is the chip rings to buy to fit on the pigeons leg
  8. Why is your club not keen on ETS? It’s the latest way of clocking in your birds also this is 21st century not the stone ages anymore
  9. Unikon are popular among clubs but the basic are cost around £300 to 400 but there are second hand ones from 150 upwards just look around but I’m sure your club can help too
  10. I would agree with Chris I started out with not much knowledge on keeping doos but my club at the time at Fraserburgh have helped me a lot and given me ets system which I have looked after only been damaged once and repaired, returned working well back to the club when I left. Pigeon guys always try to help new starters but some people can be expecting everything to be done for them and returned no favour to them, that’s just greedy. I’m going to be back next year in Aberdeen club but if guys help me I’m fine with that but I have to make the effort myself and one day I will see my results.
  11. I’m sure a few guys from Aberdeen or shire would love to help you out, I would but I’m starting up again next year so no doos myself
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