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  1. Well done to Glasgow Fed for a great training toss from Lanark. Only one still to come home out of nine. Really enjoyed a couple of beers watching them fly in.
  2. There's two racing lofts on The Isle of Bute and this will be our first year of proper racing. We will be flying in the Greenock club (Glasgow Fed) It's about 40 minutes on the ferry and then another 30 to the club---so it's not too far, I don't expect either of us will attempt many races this season and certainly don't expect to win anything! The pleasure will hopefully be seeing the birds come home no matter how long they take The Fed is arranging training flights from Thursday so that's a real bonus. The toss from Kilmacolmn went well (10) on the day 1next morning and the last one two days later. Oh and my wife is delighted with her hairdoo---so life is once again worth living!!
  3. Three tosses from the south end of the Island (10) miles ,tomorrow I'll single them up. Wednesday my wife has an appointment at the hairdressers in Greenock so I've kindly said I would drop her off and take the birds for their first mainland toss! Maybe Kilmacolmn ,only half of them (12) they're still feeding. Our first trip to the mainland in a long time and I know it will end in tears ,not because of the pigeons,iit'll be the hairdressers! Onwards and upwards!!
  4. So pleased to win the Bonnington pair. The several Chris kindly gave me last year are turning out just like his dad gave me as a teenager 50 years ago,! ----Solid colours---Solid characters! Really looking forward to trying them out this season. Well done on an excellent auction!, Cheque in tomorrows post. Graham McArthur
  5. Lot 7. £50 please Thanks
  6. Returning to the sport after several years I was delighted some things hadn't changed-----The efficiency,enthusiasm and friendliness of Linda and her staff at the SHU. Linda has been a great ambassador for Pigeon Racing in Scotland and the work she put into compiling the excellent 'Flights of Memory' will surely cement her legacy. Best of wishes for the future Linda Yours in Sport Graham
  7. Excellent videos---and to race so well into Oban is exceptional! It should certainly encourage other fanciers living in the'Wild West'---Great Stuff !
  8. Around early March(all 12 pairs) When the local Rooks start building their nests. I also often wonder how many fanciers still race their birds on the natural system?
  9. Another good story! No negative stuff---just good pigeon talk .Keep up the good work Peter!
  10. One of the things i'd forgotten when I took up the birds again was how decent and geneorus pigeon people still are. I bid for one youngster at the shu auction from Tam Richardson and today four have arrived. Four cracking Blues , and the extra mile he went to get them to me won't be forgotten!!!!
  11. About 50 years ago my brother and I were lucky to get two birds from Stan Bonnington.I remember my dad driving us to Haddington and waiting outside smoking until two hours later wee came out with two lovely youngsters and they did us so proud! Formed a great loft He was a gentleman and so is his son Chris, Thanks to this Auction I will soon be able to relive these memories with the Highgate Strain!
  12. Blood Flight


    Yes in decent condition not hawked or injured.I let it out at seven ,lovely morning so hopefully it finds its way home.
  13. Blood Flight


    That's what I think but the wind for the last few days have been easterly. ----From tomorrow the wind should settle so wherever it's from it has a good chance
  14. Blood Flight


    First stray since I started up again Dark Check GB 19 V33471 arrived today, fed and watered,will let it out tomorrow.I wonder what part of country it comes from?u
  15. On Bute the sparrow hawk usually nests late April early May so I don't see the hen for most of the Summer. The Peregrine for me is a different story ---any time of day or year! Although I think my birds are slowly getting wise to it,only one spare hen taken since January and I see it most days.
  16. Yes on an I pad but I'm hopeless with this tech stuff! I really don't know where to start.
  17. Thanks for the feedback Fifer. Ran out of Morgan's so it's now Patricia's red wine!Not going to be popular in the morning! I must be really bored as I took some photos of the loft etc but don't have a clue how to post them? Could someone give me an idiots guide?
  18. Really enjoying this thread, almost as much as the exploits of Peter Pandy!--this man should write a book! For me and my family on the Island things are not to bad however we lost two friends to the virus, both elderly and with underlying conditions,but still passed too soon. Because I've only recently returned to the sport racing this season isn't a priority. I have six pairs,rearing twelve healthy youngsters and now down on their second round,---maybe take another six? and buy a few more. My wife Trish and I still help out at our daughters Riding Centre (no customers but plenty to do)so thank goodness we still get to see our three year old grandson Murray,he has type one diabetes and needs consistent monitoring so we do our best to help. Apart from that our place never looked better,loft painted,fences fixed,grass cut weeds sprayed but to be perfectly honest if it wasn't for the pigeons I'd be bored shitless!! Seeing them flying out each day(despite the BOP) has kept me reasonably close to sanity and feeling so fortunate compared to so many. God bless The NHS and the occasional bottle of Morgan's Spiced!,
  19. well done Kyleakin and everyone involved with this auction. An excellent cause,well worth supporting.
  20. Lot 1. £50 thanks Blood Flight Thanks
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