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  1. What's the ruling regarding wing stamped youngsters
  2. Solway Fed up at 9.00 from Wollaston
  3. Absolutely bang on mate. Air conditioning units are one of the worse things ever created. All fine and dandy getting a blast of cold air but its the quality of air. In order for this system to function effectively the area must be fully enclosed, whether that be your car, house, office or pigeon transporter. The warm air gets circulated through a cooler and re-enters as cold air.... but its the same air. In these huge office workplace environments with AC units there is a rise in people off work with the usual illness, cold , flu etc., all this being attributed by the AC system. The air contains bugs and viruses only for it to be constantly circulated...... this applies to transporters with AC units, youngsters with sickness will spread this through the entire transporter. Just my opinion
  4. XC weather is good for the wind and that's it In terms of weather forecasting it is very poor, I certainly wouldn't add any value to it
  5. Solway fed at Stafford, up at 10.15
  6. Many thanks for the reply Gareth Was a little concerned as I thought I'd missed them
  7. Just noticed on the federation website information detailing a Best of British phone in sale to be held at end of July and a Latebred sale for end of August. Have these been held....
  8. Time for a major rethink Mick in our fed. I could make some pointers here but no doubt the silent spies will watch and shoot me down. This simply cannot be accepted and tolerated for much longer. We only sent a small team , 6/9, don't know how the other Eastriggs guys ended up
  9. It's a very hard fight in the Solway Mick The hardest place to race in Scotland..... and it aint getting any easier. Fingers crossed more make it home
  10. Brilliant flying big fella..... show off Just wish our fed had those returns yesterday
  11. Solway Fed took a real hammering today from Charnock Richard Beggars belief why many still insist in flying through the Cumbrian mountains
  12. Section M is a complete joke and an embarrassment. We've been members of the NFC for years and were in section L, in the mix amongst many greats like Hilson, Impett etc then along come the tin soldier brigade and formed section M , no way am I sending to a NFC race to fly on our own, sooner it's returned to section L the better.... which may happen soon
  13. Good luck to you and your dad Jamie. Fingers crossed for you
  14. :emoticon-0140-rofl: and many a fine village like The Fechan
  15. Congratulations to my good mate Scott Irving on his outstanding results from Newbury & Maidstone. His super blue pied hen's achievements warrant a thread on its own. 1st Section 3rd Open Maidstone and 2nd Section 3rd Open Newbury with the same hen, for good measure this hen was also 2nd section in the SNFC young bird race in 2011 plus club racing prizes.... what a pigeon Having SNFC winners in her pedigree does help Well done mate
  16. The programme doesn't help the cause Many factor in my opinion is the quality of the pigeon and the fancier compared to that of years gone by
  17. Any idea what the entry is..... or is it a secret
  18. Heard the entry was up on last year in Section A
  19. Oh dear .... poor Hearts What a shame
  20. What an interesting thread I love a good old debate. Having been fortunate to win three nationals, one thing I can say it is winning nationals isn't easy.... however, inland nationals are easier to win. The year we won SNFC Newbury we beat 4000 birds, only 3300 away this year Someone mentionend further back why I dont join the NFC.... good point, I already have
  21. As a previous winner of the SNFC Newbury race in 2002 by some 50 ypm, the buzz was unreal but it was only from 260 miles. However, this was nothing compared to what we've experienced from channel racing. The SNFC was created for channel racing, promoting long distance racing into Scotland, for those that cant acept this may I suggest they enjoy their sprinting with their federations. When we hear those who shout about how many national dipolmas they have won..... how many are from over the channel I wonder. Inland nationals...... get rid off !!!
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