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  1. My thoughts on ETS have never changed for years and maybe never will but at the same time I have no intention at all of falling out with anyone that uses the system, I personally know fanciers have have ETS and race against them. However, what amazes me is why people should expect me to accept the fact that my birds have a few seconds disadvantage when it comes to trapping and clocking, this is where the dispute is and no one has yet to touch on this. Put it another way but yet just as equal , would you let your fellow competitors birds be liberated 10 / 20 seconds before yours in a race..... Forthview - you touched on the fact that the SNFC have given ETS the green light for 2007......... I await with immense interest to see how this will be policed under the current laughable SHU rulings / guidelines. :o At the end of the day , I simply just love the sheer surge of adrenalin when handling and timing in the first doo that arrives home ....... PURE MAGIC , thats my choice ;D Chris ;D ;D ;D
  2. Clockman - We have been members of the RPRA now for a few years as well as the SHU, there is nowt wrong with a bit of variety. Both unions are very different. Is is a matter of time when ETS is accepted in the RPRA though it may be years away, but I am sure it will be introduced in a more proffesional manner unlike some.... Chris
  3. Roundo - l have expressed my opinion on the system and it will never change, some may like my thoughts and some won't, quite frankly l couldn't give a monkeys. You bubble about the same old records being played, old records are the best The SHU made a right pigs ear of their back door tactics of getting the system accepted and this is what has caused so much uproar. Many harp on about it being progress. What has been drummed into many fanciers heads that all progress is good, far from it. Before ETS came along the Scottish fancy was doing grand. We have had the utmost good fortune to win 3 nationals, l have timed in 2 of the winners. The feeling of the sheer rush of adrenalin of picking up the bird, removing the rubber, placing it in the thimble and then striking the clock is fantastic, it is a memory that will remain in my thoughts for ever, l intend to experience the feeling again.... this is something ETS cannot match, imagine winning a national by sitting on yer fat ass scoffing yer prawn sarnies and watching the bird pop through a hole..... stuff that. Just like Mike, if l was offered it for free, l wouldn't use it...... Enough said on the matter. Hyacinth - thanks for your info about the clock data, will clarify the matter.
  4. Cheers for the info Mick. As Scott has just mentioned we will be racing from there this year, probably several times ;D Chris
  5. ETS doesn't appeal to us one bit and we will not be bothering with the thing. It has caused so much uproar and has spread like a plague throughout the Scottish fancy. As Mike rightly says, what is the point in wanting to know the time when a late one strolled home, it is late...... also rans are of no interest to us!!! l have heard of an instance at a clock opening night of a nom bird not being timed in after all the clocks were opened , the chap with ETS sneaks home to find his nom bird in the loft, he put his box of tricks in a station and hey presto he is off to his club house again to claim the dollars...... is this fair !!!! l have heard a million times of the so called benefits of ETS. One that makes me laugh is " you get a chance to see your birds come home" well what the *expletive removed* does that mean ;D , l use a T3 and we aint missed a bird yet :
  6. It is a matter of choice what one wants to use , for me it is either a T3 or an STB ;D ;D
  7. Hi Allan No relation to Tom Little at all , he resided from a small village called Creca and raced in the Brydekirk club , he was a master... a very highly thought of fancier with a excellent racing CV. Cheers Chris
  8. Turning north is a one way ticket to the funny farm. What did we all do in 2001 when FMD was on our doorsteps, did we turn north then....
  9. Racers either win or they dont , breeders either breed winners or they dont. The bin is the best place for under achievers
  10. It often varies Fifer, the 3rd egg would sometimes be a day or two behind the 2nd one or in some instances maybe a week, the later normally resulting in the first two being blank and the 3rd full...
  11. Thanks for that Rose, I was aware the Irish fanciers had boat races many moons ago but never heard if they were successful....
  12. We have had 3 hens laying three eggs in a nest this season , it happens a few times a year for us..... however still to experience all 3 eggs hatch....
  13. Cheers guys , I am most impressed with the site / forum , a wealth of info and banter. You're right Bart , too many handbags on other pigeon forums
  14. Holland may be an option but it aint an attractive one, will give it a huge miss if it was ever likely to come off Chris
  15. Thanks again lads , pleased to be a member of the site. Trust the Baggie Man to let the cat out of the bag ;D crosses are the best
  16. You're right Fifer , things dont look too promising , I know some organisations in the UK were toying with the idea of some form of racing from Ireland. How about liberations from a boat..... Chris
  17. That is a blow but hardly a surprise, the Channel Islands was our best bet for channel racing ??) ??)
  18. Thanks a lot for the welcoming words guys , very much looking forward to participating in the discussions and having a good banter with Mike 'The Baggie Man' Lycett Cheers Chris :)
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