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  1. The bird was picked by a friend of mine in Annan whom is a non fancier, its been well cared for. Arranged for Roy Seaton to collect it today, it'll make its way home in due course along with others collected by him. Cheers
  2. Agree with posts above, pigeons come first, the number of fanciers that do not work far outweighs those that do Good luck to all this weekend
  3. Working man now a minority in the sport, certainly no talk of Friday libs years ago
  4. There's a pigeon club and lofts next to the hospital, popped in once whilst visiting my dad Excellent hospital Hope all goes well Mick
  5. What was the issue with the clock rules John Cheers
  6. Excellent coverage of the training Well done to all concerned and those who have birds in this As a matter of interest, how birds have been lost up to this stage
  7. The outcome today was no surprise First time I've seen Celtic play for three years, they were poor as well, a shadow of the team they used to be I was half expecting a cricket score today and the massacre never came The pitch looked terrible
  8. I'm still hopeful of a return to the SPL. via the play offs though it will be difficult on current form However, I take my hat off to Hearts, the only unbeaten league team in the UK
  9. Rangers have been so shocking in the last few weeks They have made average teams look great
  10. Fully agree The number of lucky ones left for the final race sadly will be a very small fraction of the initial entry
  11. Ah, that explains why the doos in The Fechan glow in the dark
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