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  1. Been having online problems with this site, logged on now and just read this thread from start to finish. Massive well done to each and everyone concerned, more so to the big fella Gareth. Gareth, I have a pair of gems in the nest ready for weaning in 4/5 days Davie can have these if he wishes.
  2. Solway Fed liberated from Worksop 10.25
  3. 7/13 from Leyland eh , good going that compared to the losses from the wonderful east
  4. Belongs in the village of Ecclefechan Our own fine fechan lad Steven will know who's it is
  5. Is there a problem with the SNRPC website, still no Arras result
  6. Good man Our best inland cock is a son of him too
  7. Marlborough 7 / 9 Eastbourne 1 / 1 Messac 1 / 3 Tours 1 / 1 Ypres 1 / 1 Total 11 / 15
  8. Any guys from section M sent, how many birds are entered ??
  9. Ouch Mr Miller that's a pint you owe me I thought of Starview Leo which was the late 80's but must have been another before 2011
  10. During a conversation today the performance of Mr & Mrs Elliot's 2011 SNFC Messac champion evolved and how she is a red chequer. I was then asked when was the previous SNFC winning red chequer..... I was stumped. Any ideas guys ???
  11. Hard lines Derek, hope they show up for you and as always an honest answer from you regarding your returns. Sounds like it wasn't that good a race then Cheers Andy , heard of one reported in Wales on the day of the race
  12. Hearing of quite a few still missing from the race. Also the online result has quite a few errors
  13. Very well done to Crombie and Mechan, super flying They have had a phenominal 2 weeks Surprised to see so many open prizes
  14. Dinnae worry about us in section A, no one else does But you have to admit 236 birds for an entire national race does beggar beyond belief. Having spoken to numerous long distance diehards from all over the UK in the last couple of years they now deem the once mighty SNFC as a second rate national club and whilst I argued against them I now see their point of view. Rant over , good luck to each and everyone from both races
  15. Good luck everyone As for 236 birds at Tours..... shocking
  16. Chris Little

    Ypres 2011

    Aye not great Gareth ATB
  17. Chris Little

    Ypres 2011

    70 odd away from Solway
  18. Significant changes are required for the SNFC, we simply cannot continue with this present trend Years ago the SNFC race programme dictated federation race routes, now its the other way round Had a chortle at a statement I read somewhere about bus loads of south section fanciers at the 2011 AGM conning people by their presence.... think there was 9 guys from the deep south there that day:emoticon-0136-giggle:
  19. No idea, but the fact is they took a hiding also
  20. Can someone answer me this If Messac is off the line of flight how come pigeons that are raced down the 'west' route also hammered
  21. Good birds and ..... lots of patience
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