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  1. I think that's unwarranted Andy. I've known Hugh for nearly twenty years and was a clubmate of his for most of that time. I don't think you could meet a more gentlemanly, uncontrovertial ,well intentioned, straight shooting fancier than him. It's not compulsory, fanciers haven't reported birds that have won high positions many times before and have been called for less. With that in mind any fancier well in should wait to see the result before coming to conclusions. I can say with certainty there would be no ill intent behind this and would think the fact it's a text service now instead of the old phone in could be one possible reason for the birds not being reported.
  2. Got some of the muttley perches for my new loft recently. Superb.
  3. Well done Davie, tremendous standard of flying
  4. John Gray made one on John Ellis,Robert Cormack and Andrew Deans. I gave a loan ae it to some one, but can't remember who lol
  5. I won the Mr & Mrs Murphy trophy in 2016, nice enough thing to win for the feel good factor ye get winning an award but it's not that meaningful. As stated, it's down to opinion. Consistent young birds are not uncommon, under a different set of circumstances or to a different area a pigeon winning multiple high prizes in the fed races could as easily win next to none. Walter's young pigeon is location defying and a performance only a few fanciers will put up once or twice in a life time. Hat's off to the doo and Walter-they have the recognition and glory beyond any nominated award.
  6. I looked at that Walter, think Rabat would be a better racepoint
  7. It's easy to blame inland nationals etc. for the lack of amalgamating-the biggest obstacle in the way are the feds themselves. I don't think a 600 mile race would be well supported within those feds even if they did amalgamate. Best option would be with the SNFC. Why just the 600? Niort is the furthest the SNFC have been, why not propose we give that another try?
  8. Well done all the doos and fanciers in tonight. Superb performances!!!
  9. Damage limitation I suppose lol. I've not sent, but really do hope for the birds and the club's sake it turns out alright. Over 4000 birds and £11500 down on this time last year, got to hope it's a good race.
  10. early lib or midday lib, it'll be a brute. Think it would be worth considering bringing the birds home. I hope I'm wrong, but going on the forecast and my gut instinct this race will kill pigeons and won't be the Gold Cup saviour we all want.
  11. Plenty of the all time greats on those results. Not been many better pigeons than the 7th Open hen for Bobby Carruthers when ye consider she was also 8th Open Nantes two years earlier and 6th Open Rennes the year before that.
  12. Agree with you about Norman 100% Davie. The clashing with SNFC races was one reason I'd opted for a comeback race after Newark, as Leicester is likely to be(goin on the usual dates) on the same day as the first inland national, birdage would be lost to the SNFC so it would make more sense financially goin to the shorter race that day? Roye I've no issue with and only put Ypres as it's the one that's been used recently. I forgot to include the £10 nom for it as well Maidstone instead of Billericay would be fine by me too. It was just as a starting point.
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