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  1. The Lake District has the highest population of peregrine falcons in Europe..... just on our bloody doorstep
  2. Learned my lesson a couple of years ago in which my Gold Cup plans were disrupted at the 1st inland national. Never sent any this year hence my Gold Cup team is still intact for the time being. Sorry to hear many birds are still missing..... though very well done to my special pal with our bloodlines Wont lose any sleep should this race be abolished in the future
  3. In all honesty Alan I cant even raise a milligram of interest for this race. I've some family issues which need addressing this weekend Besides... already won this race Good luck to everyone !!!
  4. The race will be won in Section A Never sent a feather
  5. Excellent racing down the West today 90% home from Wollaston, 180 miles 100% home from Marlborough 254 miles Happy Days
  6. Just after a little clarification, been hearing conflicting tales. What is the northern boundary of the MNFC ? Thanks
  7. Well done Liverpool Had £10 on a 2-2 draw
  8. Poor Dunfermline eh They were one of the teams who were quick enough to put the boot in last year....cant say I'm sorry for them
  9. Perhaps these prominent fanciers along with many others were aggrieved and disappointed with the fact that the idea of the young bird race was discussed on here and literaly signed sealed and delivered without them knowing about
  10. If it aint broken dont fix it Stupid idea For what is significant proposal to the club one would have expected the standard of the provided maps to have been of a decent quality, they were very poor
  11. Aye had the postie on red alert all week
  12. Many congratulations Steven :emoticon-0123-party: Very pleased for you and your dad Another champion in the deep south
  13. I don't have a problem whatsoever with joint convoying with Lanarkshire I'm sure the Solway Fed went with Lanarkshire for a couple of races about 10 years ago, these were good races. Certainly something to work on for the future However, it would have been more welcomed had the news not been broken first on the internet.....
  14. As a member of the Solway Fed this is news to me
  15. Solway Federation liberated at 10am from Charnock Richard
  16. What a pile of dung Haven't a scooby what this has to do with a pigeon website Far too may dykes and plum bags out there worrying about the nuclear industry and fabricating scaremongering manure....
  17. There will be a youngster in the sale and both its parents are SNFC national winners.... pure quality
  18. When did it become apparent that there was to be a separate liberation. Part of the bargaining for this race was that the SNFC birds would get a good lift up the road from our English counterparts.
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