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  1. SU21L4172 in Stoneyburn 07706667891
  2. Lanarkshire up at 9 am SNFC Eastbourne up at 8 30
  3. bluebell101


    Well done Joe good flying mate
  4. This bird is at Newcombe and Black think it is a Clarkston bird got rubber and ets tel 07925400709
  5. well done Andy top flying top flying as well Tam
  6. 103 home at clock checking 1 to come
  7. Well done Tam top flying mate
  8. Hi Robbie read it wrong thought it was young bird not sure who it belongs to but will find out
  9. Hi Robbie had a look on chat i cant find it the bird belongs to Miller & Marshall 07933130479 could you put phone number up on chat for me cheers
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