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  1. Scottish Government guidance and link to register - https://www.gov.scot/publications/racing-pigeon-register-scotland/
  2. Latest from RPRA. France still looking unlikely, hopefully better news will come from Belgium. As previously published the EU has agreed to extend the transitional period for the new Animal Health Regulations until October 2021. This news was taken as a positive step towards achieving Channel racing with the understanding that we would be able to move pigeons into the EU on the same basis as we have for decades. However, during the transitional period, EU member states are permitted to apply their own national rules and this is where we currently have an issue. The French position is that an Animal Health certificate remains a requirement. The requirements of the Health certificate include but are not limited to: 1. The loft being under the surveillance of an approved Veterinarian who would sign the Health Certificate that in turn requires points 2 and 3 below. 2. Prior to movement the pigeons could not take part in any races for a period of 30 days prior to being moved into France 3. The pigeons/ each Loft would have to supply evidence of a negative test for Paramyxo and Newcastle Disease carried out by an approved laboratory at least 7 days in advance being transported. What is being done? Discussions are ongoing. The RPRA is working with the appropriate UK Authorities, APPG, a supportive French Senator, the FCF and FCI to lobby the French Authorities. These discussions are based on the low risk pigeons pose to the spread of the two diseases at the centre of the health certification requirements; Newcastle disease and Avian Influenza. The aim is to remove the requirements of the Health certificate and proceed on the same basis as we have for decades. As a contingency we are also exploring the rules associated with moving pigeons into Belgium, Holland and Germany. It may prove possible to move pigeons into these countries without the Health Certificate. If this proved positive we would at least provide an opportunity for cross channel racing from these Countries. Why hasn't the RPRA previously explored the possibility of Racing from other European Countries ? Because until the EU applied the transitional period mentioned above such actions would not have been possible. Next Update We will provide the next update as soon as we have any information or by next Friday at the latest. Ian Evans CEO
  3. Hi Bobby / John I think JB is correct. The FCI logo is definitely a requirement to fly in the internationals organised on the continent but I think they are not required in a BICC organised National race for UK members. There is something in my head about a rule change that kicked in a few years ago so things may have changed but a couple of the old heads that I timed in BICC from Alencon and Le Mans were rung SU10E, SU11E, SU13E and were accepted in the race. I've used the FCI rings as a matter of course in recent years in case I ever got the opportunity to try the Agen International but unless rules have changed, I think SU rung birds would be accepted in these BICC and BBC North Road races in the coming season.
  4. I heard Murton 16:01 for near 450 miles
  5. 20th May - Bedhampton 3rd June - Falaise 17th June - Le Mans 1st July - Ancenis 22nd July - Bordeaux
  6. Have the MNFC set their dates yet ? Its not mentioned in the SNFC paperwork so I'm unclear on that. I'm not fussed really, we've had good races joint convoyed and bad races joint convoyed, good racing on our own and bad racing on our own. I have no problem going with them or not going with them, I just have a fancy for the later date and having the races on different weekends. The option to move Ypres onto the blank week would have been fine by me too, but its not among the proposals this time.
  7. I'm quite interested in the proposal to move the Portsmouth/Bedhampton race to a position 2 weeks ahead of the Gold Cup, rather than 1 week. Also to split Ancenis away from the same day as Ypres - pushing it back a week. I have always thought it would be a good move to make use of the blank week rather than have two on the same day and that would be the case with this proposal. Having that race from the coast 4 weeks ahead of Ancenis opens up the potential to use it as a prep race. Previously with a 2 week gap, it would be high risk to go to 350-400 miles 10 days before basketing. On balance, I think I'd be inclined to vote for the new proposal on the basis of the new dates creating a more complimentary programme. The dates would be a bigger deal to me than whether it is Alencon or Reims. Its hard to tell from the way it is set out, but I would think the 5 year thing needs to be taken as a separate matter. It should be Status Quo v the new race programme without the complication of setting it for 5 years being part of the same vote.
  8. Just to clarify the comments about the races that we have been racing in the last few years. We have been members of BICC and of the NEGDC (North East Greater Distance Club). As Davie L said, we have not sent to NFC. The NEGDC doesn't get a whole lot of publicity but is basically a specialist club for lofts in the UNC area that I approached to get some extra distance races. They fly with Yorkshire federations and have a coast race followed by channel races from the back end of May, from Falaise and Le Mans and Poitiers, ending up with a Bordeaux race joint convoyed with Midlands National. We have sent to their Bedhampton, Falaise and Le Mans races fairly regularly over the last 3 years, as they come along before the SNFC channel races start and allow them to double back. Once the SNFC channel programme kicks in, we send only with SNFC. In 2015 we sent to the Bordeaux race at the end of the season (the week after the last SNFC race). I think we fly 777m from there. Sent 1 got 1 but it was a smash of a race. The intention was to send that cock from Bordeaux to the Agen International this year but for some reason he was struggling all year and we stopped him well before Agen. With BICC we have only sent to Le Mans when the race was moved to the week after the SNFC programme ended. In the last 2 years we had pigeons ready to send to Poitiers (670m) with BICC in mid June but in both years the forecast was dire and we never sent them. Just as well as it turned out. Maybe next year we will get there.
  9. We had a 2013 red cock lost at an early young bird race in that year who turned up just short of a year late, absolutely filthy and his flights were worn away to stumps. He had been lost so long I think he forgot how to get into the loft as he was floating bout the roof of the house for hours before he came down to the loft. Anyway, he moulted through and turned out to be a really smart looking pigeon. He has been raced through the programme this year as a 2YO and was on the national result at both Portsmouth and Eastbourne. He has taken everything in his stride this season so much so that he is quite likely to be at Clermont this coming week. His year out in the wilds seems to have done him no harm.
  10. Great hen, congratulations
  11. Timed a 2YO first timer at the distance, a half brother through the sire to 1st region 2nd open Tours and 1st region 4th open Bourges in the last few years. Their wee brother has hit the bar for 1st open as well but delighted with him. In addition, his dam won 1st region 5th open Tours back in 2008 so this race was in his calendar from the day he chipped out. Was round telling John Bosworth we were in when his pigeon arrived, exciting times.
  12. Excellent news that those with Ancenis entries won't have to leave their lofts to get clocks read tonight for Eastbourne. Thanks Tom.
  13. Birds up to Worksop by 3.15pm, should be a good few tonight up here if they are coming through in numbers
  14. My opinion is that they are a complete nonsense that ruin the race and introduce a chaos factor that nobody should want if they have any faith in their pigeon's ability to compete in a normal race. Hours of darkness are blown out the water, the race loses all structure. Long distance races are there for the birds that can fly 14-16 hours on the shift. If it is a ten hour race one day followed ed by 6 the next day it is not the same test. A 10,000m race is 25 laps of the track consecutively, they don't step off after 16 and come back the next day to do the last 9. And if they did they certainly wouldn't all re-start at different times, some before the clock has re-started, some after. Designed 2 day races should only be a complete last resort where we are facing several days of holdovers and its the only way to have a race.
  15. Another 1 just home, 8/13 now. At section B clocks it looks like all section prizes will be won by around 9.30am to 9.40am for those flying 530-540m, a little earlier for the shorter distances. A few more birds in than lib-line indicated.
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