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  1. many thanks everybody. at work for 5.15am this morning, busted a gut! mother had an incident with a filing cabinet and nephew broke a finger and to top it off my mate got rushed into hospital with gall bladder problems. Cant wait to see what happens next year lol for now I will sip from the bottle of vodka my mum bought me :-)
  2. Hi All, Is it time for people to take a serious look at yb racing? Are numbers in baskets for this weekends races and the subsequent MIA doo's surprising? What are peoples thoughts? We are not racing young birds this season.
  3. Well done John brilliant result. I have watched and talked with John all season watching his preparation for this race and this is really deserved. I cannot speak highly enough of John as not only is he a great flier in his own right but his generosity knows no limits. He also gifted us 6 ybs from his very best a few weeks ago. A massive thank you and well done.
  4. Well done John. Delighted for John Houston with his doo last night. Nice to see him get the rewards for all his hard work :-)
  5. Good luck to everyone, especially my club mates who are away! expecting something special from them :-)
  6. scratch and start again mate! people on here are very helpful.
  7. Good going over there mate. A lot of empty perches through this way from Newark. Some members have not timed!
  8. and another at 3.15pm 3/7!
  9. Got 2 minutes apart at 2.55pm from a 6.15am lib at Newark! flew 450 miles not 250!
  10. still waiting from Newark! Doo's have clashed with those out of kelso me thinks!
  11. What time were your birds up at?
  12. and another 3. B.Dortmumd Vs Wolfsburg (1-3) Auxerre Vs PSG (0-4) Levski Sofia Vs Cherno More Varna (2-1) Arsenal 3-1 Inverness CT 2-0 Barcelona 4-1
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