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  1. A real top quality pigeon , very well done to Billy
  2. Can anyone clarify this The North West Combine liberated at 7am Does this mean we went up on our own, 222 poor little souls 600+ miles
  3. Were the SNFC birds liberated on their own from Niort at 6.50am
  4. Very well done buddy, very pleased for you
  5. Approx 150 from section A
  6. Sent 3 including our Sporting Challenge fella
  7. Pair at my work causing havoc Chapelcross Nuclear Power Station near Annan
  8. Are plain marker rings allowed to be worn ?
  9. The Cumbrian Lake District is home to the highest denisty of peregrines in Europe..... and we race through it
  10. E Hodgson & Sons, seven times SNFC winners, what a record, no one beats this
  11. Very true Frank, words of wisdom Bawbag Salmond and his band of merry knuckle shufflers are clueless Well done Mr Cameron
  12. IMO everyone should be listed as their own name and not usernames. In the past I have been subjected to personal insults by some who haven't the gonads to publish their names and I have yet to have them say it to my face. Only cowards hide
  13. 970 miles for us, worth a dabble
  14. Will never forget the disasters from Bellerby & Ripon
  15. John Hodgson ( E Hodgson & Sons ) is in a league of his own, no one even near him
  16. Dozens spring to mind, my pick is Starview Pegasus, winner of 1st Open SNFC and the sire of 1st Open SNFC, cant get much better
  17. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, it was excellent in every way. Nice meeting old friends and making new ones 4.30am saw me crawl into bed
  18. Carlisle Asda is our local store, happy days and even happier nights hic
  19. Cannae remember what years they were when we went with them, think Lanarkshire took us for our last 3 races on our programme when we first started going down the east
  20. Sure we went with the mighty Lanarkshire a few years ago to a couple of races
  21. Firstly, very well done to each and everyone that timed in. However, the decision to holdover yesterday and liberate today beggared belief and was a poor one, full marks to the SNRPC controlling team for their efforts on what turned out to be a good race yesterday. Just returned from the south section clock reading, 30 timed from 128 birds, does that constitute to a good race..... far from it, so once all the back slapping has ended spare a thought for the missing birds in the south section
  22. Great news !!!! Enjoy watching them getting humped in Europe every year
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