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  1. Alan I would suggest if you have a grievance that you put a letter in to the federation and we can call a meeting. Nothing will be resolved here or on Facebook.
  2. Well done all concerned, and a big well done to Raymond and Bandy for going all the way to Banff to sort it out 👏👏
  3. Really sad to hear this yesterday. He was at the club only a couple of weeks ago and I always enjoyed his company. What I will remember most is his smile and his laugh because that is what he did all the time. Thoughts are with Carol and the family. Rest in peace pal 💙
  4. Simon I have two ybs hanging about me at the moment (a grizzle and a blue pied) if I get them in I will give you shout. I could drop them off in Inverness tomorrow if they come in. They have been here all day.
  5. SU 21 HI 824 came in yesterday, fed, watered and libbed today at Tore 👍
  6. I think Gordon's appeal was relating to the fact that the vote of no confidence was not actually actioned by the fed in the first place. The SHU then facilitated the vote weeks after it should have originally been held. Gordon can't appeal a result that has only been published officially today.
  7. Only trying to give people a heads up. That is a new level of paranoia if anyone thinks anything else.
  8. Just a quick note for all North of Scotland Fed members to beware of any emails they receive from the North Fed as I think the account may have been hacked. I got an email with a link to click on that is spam. Obviously I didn’t open the link just to be safe. The officials may want to check it out just in case. I will try to attach a screen shot. Paul.
  9. Good to hear he is doing well Sandy, pass on my best wishes 👍
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