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  1. i would have said se gale .it was blowing a hoolie here in elgin most of the day,i will be suprised if you have a good race
  2. i have just watched your birds being liberated at elgin.First class lib on a perfect morning,the birds cleared the site immediatly and headed in a south south east route,little or no wind.good luck all
  3. well done jim and all timers but a bigger well done to the guys who worked through the night to get a race after the lorry broke down.raymond ,john mair,driver ron alan foster well done
  4. yip looking forward to catching up with the lads .beware kilted scotsmen
  5. the buckie club is welcome to share our stuff.
  6. no ryan.i would not give him a loan
  7. plenty of time lee ,what is the story
  8. his bairns are deein fine for me tee
  9. it will be back tonight,100 per cent sure of this
  10. have bought a few things from this site,really good
  11. we order from a lad in aberdeen who delivers up to elgin .if thats close enough simon we can store it for you till you can pick it up.i believe there is a boy in forres but not sure where . sandy
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