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  1. your right chris eh,cheapest birdage in scotland,picked up fae yir door,long distance flying every year ,a healthy bank balance,yir niver happy min.your like a fekin xmas kerd min aye greetin
  2. 1st john thompson 1318 2nd john thompson 1311 3rd john thompson 1236 4th paul thomson 1172 5th jock jack 1131 6th jock jack 1129 7th gogs geddes 1128 8th jockjack 1127 9th paul thomson 1109 10th gogs geddes 1095 well done john thompson on winning the race ,good winning velocity,s yet a few empty perches at clocks.the story of the year for elgin club
  3. 1st john thompson 1152 2nd john thompson 1062 3rd john thompson 1044 4th paul thomson 1010 5th gogs geddes 1004 6th gogs geddes 1003 7th gogs geddes 1003 8th paul thomson 978 9th paul thomson 963 10th mike stephen 951 a good win for john thompson but quite a few empty perches in the club at clocks
  5. 1st john thompson 1093 2nd john thompson 1091 3rd john thompson 1089 4rt gogs geddes 998 5th paul thompson 987 6th paul thompson 985 7th dougie feaks 973 8th dougie feaks 972 9th gogs geddes 932 10th gogs geddes 932 well done to john thompson on a good win.with a good bit of west in the wind we were not goig to keep up in the fed today but some real good birds up here with paul thompson having two real good doos way oot west in forres
  6. its an elgin doo.it may belong to gordon geddes but im not sure as i dont have a ring list
  7. ist john thompson 1074 2nd john thompson 1074 3rd john thompson 1073 4th paul thompson 948 5th walter ritchie 891 6th paul thomson 846 7th paul thomson 846 8th jock jack 815 9th jock jack 812 10th walter richie 810 a good win for john thompson but quite a few birds missing at clocks.early reports today have quite a lot of birds appearing this morning
  8. 1st dougie feaks 1230 2nd dougie feaks 1228 3rd dougie feaks 1227 4th j thompson 1219 5th j thompson 1217 6th j thompson 1216 7th p thomson 1172 8th p thomson 1172 9th p thomson 1171 10th g geddes 1133 well done and welcome back dougie feaks.good returns all round
  9. only cos of public opinion
  10. great flying everybody especially calum
  11. i would say your doing all the right things .time will tell if it gets better.water most important then food then time
  12. well done richard,i know you were well down last week but this is magic,great stuff
  13. best wishes and well done from all up in elgin
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