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Lanarkshire Fed


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Inland nationals se wind your in with a chance x water the nearest I got was 5 th open andrezel 575ml so I only had 4 to beat anything can happen with good doos on there day

Spot on tam the right doo and the right day and a wee bit of luck

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For me Lanarkshire fed should be going on their own,if members of the fed want to go to national races then go but others should not be forced to go,biggest fed in Europe can surely stand on their own feet,and for me we should also have our own channel race

and you sign on dotted line to go EAST

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Wot everyone has to remember is wee are the biggest fed in Scotland - sometimes wee will not always agree with each other but at the end of the day wee stick together for the good of Lanarkshire wee don't take kindly of outsider sticking there nose in



Tam, its an Open forum, what doo you expect from others, its better than the TELLY, :emoticon-0136-giggle: :emoticon-0136-giggle:

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Is it true Glasgow is stuck for transport? If so would you guys rethink convoying along side Lanarkshire? Or convoyed with us...commonsense needed...we have space you guys need space on a transporter its about time we came together

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