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  1. Sending 7, hope there is more than me going
  2. Sorry to hear of Wee Davies passing, in his day he was a super player and doo man
  3. And South Lanarkshire Huntingdon
  4. I have heard quotes or £85 to £150, I am really national minded so would probably pay this but first I need to find a vet in Lanarkshire area to register with and who is prepared to do the loft visit required for next year. Any suggestions on a vet would be appreciated
  5. Well done wee Brian , thought you would be the Fed topper, really chuffed for you mate
  6. Big Davie

    HOMER 49

    Have a good one Alex
  7. Sorry to hear that , used to enjoy a blether with Billy but haven't seen him since he chucked the doos, sleep well Billy
  8. Sorry to hear that, he was a character, RIP Rab
  9. Big Davie


    Geraldy type transporters , how did that go? Race programmes?
  10. Sorry to hear of Walters passing , sad news indeed, thoughts are with his family and friends
  11. All look good but really like the black splashed mealy cock
  12. Big Davie


    Sometime in March early enough for me , not too interested in racing ybs
  13. Don't know why Jim is leaving the sport but sure he has his reasons, first class doo man and guy who will be missed for the work he puts into it and on a personal basis, hope he changes his mind
  14. Well done Davie, top flying
  15. Heard yesterday that Sammy had passed away, sad news indeed, condolences to the family
  16. Well done Derek, tough going over here today
  17. Sorry to hear that John but kinda thought that was going to be the case
  18. How did Lanarkshire and Solway races go today ? Don't see any related posts or results up
  19. Hope you all have a good one especially to the auld silver fox 🦊,.,.....
  20. Not surprised at that,been good weather here all day for racing, that's forecasts for you,....,...
  21. Glad you had a good race, up to now weather down here not anywhere near as bad as forecast
  22. That's the problem with forecasts they are only what the weather men think will happen and not a fact, it's like going to the bookies, you bet or forecast what you think will happen but more often than not you get it wrong
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