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  1. They say they arent allowed drink at the matches, a thought they weren't allowed to advertise it also, but in last nights gave Budweiser came up on the display board, how strange is that eh, dosent make sense.
  2. Just wondering how it went with prices, did you manage to get anything lads.
  3. How can you shop local when they are robin you blind. Few examples, Milk, 1 litre £1.39, supermarket £1.09 crazy £1.00 bag of crisps, now £1.25 shambles. Everyone is feeling the pinch i know that, but what a hike within days. Need to buy to eat and not buy to look at now ?
  4. Another fancier leaving the sport after 30 years, what a time he has had during his racing career, and some performances to go along with it. What a team of doos hes had, widowhood cocks, started the season with 21, ended up with 17. Wish you all the best Bruce.
  5. What a Legend, RIP Jim.Condolences to the Family at this sad time.
  6. How can people steep so low to steal. Show police is needed. This pigeon will be in the region of a couple of hundred quid i would expect. Disgraceful.
  7. Were having home made soup with crusty roll, wife isnt well with the Floooooooooo Take it easy and enjoy yir night folks.
  8. Hes had a cracking season in his club since he moved from Fife.
  9. What size of hut, any pics put them up, see what works involved?
  10. Blackpool years ago, great show, its just another weekend to get the pigeon guys for a drink in my eyes, stalls not as much years ago, must cost s fortune for a stall now.
  11. cemetary


    Made a beef dinner in the slow cooker using carrots freshly picked from the field.I think there is a big difference from the local supermarket with taste. Whats your thought on this. I know they are washed before sale, on the market.
  12. cemetary


    1-1 was a good enough for them Brian.
  13. cemetary


    Dont over do it me old pal, keep some for the morra.
  14. cemetary


    Whats the plans for the night FOLKS. Mine, having a couple and listening to some tunes with a couple. Enjoy yir night.
  15. What you want them for Dod, i have here from 94-98, just now ?
  16. All the best with the new venture.
  17. cemetary


    Hes your man. Great work, and prices for the doo man.
  18. Well done loon, looks great and all the best, i will keep an eye out, and spread the word who dont have access to a computer relating to this. Tell the auld fella i was asking for him.
  19. SNFC YB Natioanla @ Upper Heyford. Good Luck All
  20. May you rest in peace. Remarkable woman.
  21. No want to pay the price Tommy, lol
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