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Douglas & Dist young bird auction


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Douglas & District RPC Young Bird Auction

In aid of club funds starts Friday 28/01/22 19.00.00 and will end Sunday 06/02/22 18.59.59

Bids start at £30  and increase by £5 increments. No 5 mins rule. 


Lot 1, Billy McEwan Dundee

The young bird will be off the Sire side will be a Kipp cock and the Dam side will be a Soontjen hen these paired together have bred me plenty winners and a Second Section, Second National position.            £50 Thanks  Andrew suckle  Paid 


Lot 2, DJ Liddle Forfar

Young bird off a son of Joe Hunts Cool Hand Luke paired to a daughter of 11th Open SNFC Maidstone race.  £50 Thanks Andrew Suckle  Paid



Lot 3,Bruce McKenzie Dundee

Sire of the young bird bred from stock ,Grand Sire Red Tornado 1 st fed 1st Combine 1st section C 1st Open SNFC Clermont 543 miles,10th Section 47 Open SNFC Peterborough Grand Dam Y/b 1st club 8th Fed Alnwick,1st club 2nd Fed Consett,1st Club 2nd Fed Ripon,1st Club 1st Fed Wakefield


Dam of the young bird 8th Section 45th Open SNRPC Peterborough 293 miles1st Club 11th Fed Ripon

Grand Sire Big Red 1st fed 1st Combine 1st Section c 4th Open SNFC Maidstone 394 miles ,8th Section 16th Open SNFC Ypres 459 miles ,55th Section 216th Open Buckingham 321 miles.

Grand Dam 2nd Club 5th Fed Wakefield,28th Section 50th Open SNRPC Peterborough.  £ 100 Thanks  jocky       Paid                                                         


Lot 4, Stuart Maskame Peterhead

The young bird will be a grandson of Mavericks SNFC Silver Award Winner and winner of the Joe Murphy Sporting Challenge. His positions were 2nd North Section SNFC Alencon 632miles,  North Section 60th Open SNFC Alencon 632 miles, 8th North Section SNFC Reims 620 miles, 4th North Section 204th Open SNFC Eastbourne 475 miles. He is the Sire, Grand Sire and Great Grand Sire of winners including 1st North Section 118th Open SNFC Eastbourne, 2nd and 7th North Section SNFC Leicester YB National 340 miles ad 1st Fed Hexham 165 miles.          £50  Thanks. Ryan Hay Paid



Lot 5,John Wiseman Dundee.

The youngster will be out of Johns’ stock loft and a son or daughter of a National Winner.   £ 70 Thanks  brian p  Paid                                                                                          



Lot 6,Jimmy Curran Dundee

The successful bidder can have pick from. Our second open Maidstone winner.he was 1st Club 1st Fed 1ST Grampian Combine 1ST Section. 2nd Open Maidstone.

Or from the parents of the 2nd Open or the Sire of our Silver Award Winner. He is also Sire to a Hen that was first section and is grand sire of winners ,

the hens for Sire to silver award cock

and for 2nd open cock. both are full sisters to

Wellbank Lady Joan

Bred and Raced by Mr. J. Ellis   £50.Thanks RobertStait  Paid




The partnership topped the Lanarkshire  fed 5 times in the young bird racing last year,                                                                                                                   £60 Thanks  Andrew Suckle  Paid


Lot 8, Jack Alexander, Monifieth,

The Sire of the young bird is a son of Gordon Campbell Montrose 'G Force; 6th Open 3rd Section C SNFC Royle 531 miles and 3rd Open SNFC Reims 584 miles.

Dam is a daughter of C&G Cameron Arbroaths Little Dorrie 3rd Open Reims 2nd Section C 577 miles.                                                                                                 £70  Thanks  clockman   Paid


Lot 9,David Glen Forfar

Davids 2021 season result,1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st Combine, 1st Section C, 8th Open Yeovil SNFC, Forfar club old bird average, 3 longest race average, Angus Fed old bird average, 3 longest race average, 1st Fed Ripon, 1st Fed Newton Grange. Also combined average club and Fed.

You can have a young bird out of my stock loft or my widowhood loft .

      £50 Thanks Whitty  Paid


Lot 10,C&G Cameron Arbroath.One young bird from Charlie & Glen 

Roye SNFC 523 mile 2nd Sec, 3rd Open.
Ypres SNFC 455 mile 4th Sec, 9th Open.
Arras SNRPC 486 mile 1st Sec, 2nd Open.
                                          3rd Sec, 11th Open.
                                          4th Sec, 12th Open.
Roye SNFC 523 mile  1st Sec,1st Open.
Burdinne SNFC 519 mile 3rd Sec, 22nd Open.
Buckingham SNFC 323 mile 7th Sec, 31st Open.
Reims SNRPC 578 mile 5th Sec, 25th Open.
Arras SNRPC 486 mile 4th Sec, 20th Open.
Billericay 365mile SNRPC  3rd Sec, 21st Open. 
Reims SNFC 578 mile 8th Sec, 16th Open.
Yeovil SNFC  391 mile  2nd Sec, 22nd Open.
Billericay SNRPC 365mile 3rd Sec, 6th Open. 
Littlehampton SNRPC 407 mile 1st Sec, 6th Open  £120 thanks grizzle09 Paid


Lot 11, Tam Richardson, Newmains

Young bird will be off my Van Reet stock that has bred multiple winners  £50  Thanks brocher Paid


Lot 12, Eadie&Kelly, Newmains

For the auction the 2022 Youngster will be bred March / April and will be Grandchild of “Cool Hand Luke” raced by the late Joe Hunt who won the following SNFC Meritorious Inland Trophy with this pigeon-

“Bronze Award for 5 times Winner and also “Silver Award”for 3 times Winner from over the English Channel. Unbelievable 8 times sent 8 times scored. X The Dam will be half sister to our Scottish National Winner “Bellside Anniversary Coral” 1st Open Yeovil 341 miles and also winning Gold Medal and Titan Trophy for the Best Middle distance UK. Ace Pigeon 2021.

 £ 100  Thanks guinness  Paid 



Lot 13 Willie Donachie Dundee

This young bird will be summer bred and will be a Grandson or a Granddaughter of the “TIP TOP PAIR”

The “TIP TOP PAIR” bred by Dr.Frans Zwols (son Bert x dtr Tip Top Junior)

have been a sensational stock pair breeding winners all over the UK and Ireland.

Their grand children have bred 1st UK Open Winners in One Loft Racing

in South Africa, Portugal and Tenerife.

The “TIP TOP PAIR” are responsible for 52x1st Federation Winners;

61x1st Joint Federation Winners; 82xOpen Scottish National Diploma Award Winners;

6x1st Section Scottish national Winners; 7x1st UK Winners One Loft Racing;

1st Open, 1st open, 2nd Open, 2nd Open National, etc…

1st Open Mid Antrim Combine; 1st Section NIPA; 3rd Open NIPA 18.761 birds.

 £110 Thanks  highfield boy Paid


Lot 14, Brian Donnelly,Dundee

One youngster ready towards the end of April.

Sire - Blue, Stock. Bred from SNFC Silver Award Hen when she was paired to a son of the late John Duthie's SNFC Gold Award Cock.


Dam - Blue, winner of 53rd Open SNFC Ypres. Bred and raced by the late John Duthie. The parents of this hen have bred three 1st combine winners.                                                                                                                                    C £100 Thanks. D&C McCleary Paid



Lot 15 , Kenny Droog Forfar

One youngster MULLER-AaRDEN PAIR.

Sire Red Cheq Cock SU17AF2217. 49TH Open SNFC Maidstone 401miles as a Yearling 3001 birds. Injured leg then stock. His Daughter won 1st club Harrowgate 189 miles and flew tricky SNFC Y/B National 317miles 2021.


Dam BLUE CHEQ,Belge-16-423239. Stock only,Granddaughter of 1st National

St Vincent 5344 birds, 2010, 1001km Inbred on both sides to Batenberg -van -de Merwe Ch Witbuik, a Daughter won at SNFC Huntingdon ,..She is also Grand Dam of Harrowgate hen above.                                                            £40 Thanks Birdman4610 Paid

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1 hour ago, Andrew suckle said:

Lot 12 £50

The Sire on the Dams side is “Blue Boy”Gaby Vandenbeele”4 times winner SNFC going for Bronze 2022 who in turn is direct from our No 1 breeding hen “Silver Z Queen”7 times winner SNFC winning Silver Award for Meritorious Performance .👍

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