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  1. bird belongs to a friend of mine who lives in buckie on the moray coast, i dont think he is on computer, ill let him know cheers.
  2. 43 instead of 44, its took.
  3. go on then, 40 and 44 for me, luv a bet lad.
  4. looks like a closed shop that fed of yours, get it sorted.
  5. not a problem mate, free courier and well bred y/birds for a raffle, whats not to like, good luck.
  6. have used it for years, good stuff in bath.
  7. points system for ace flyer award is a fine way to finish the season on, well done the moray firth flying club, the new kids on the block✈️✈️☀️☀️☀️
  8. done the job , deseves her retirement, good doo.
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