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  1. Douglas & Dist rpc are holding a young bird auction for much needed club funds on Pigeon Basics.com . Auction starts Friday 28/01/22 Ends Sunday 06/02/22 More info to follow Thank you to Pigeon Basics
  2. https://shuonline.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/SKM_C364e21110907580-1.pdf
  3. Clock checking will now be at 7pm tomorrow and not 1pm
  4. Clock checking tomorrow at 1pm, Good luck.
  5. http://www.snfc.co.uk/News/290
  6. Well done Kenny, Unlucky hand rail
  7. More like the other way about
  8. Good luck, A bit windy so hold on to the hand rail.
  9. First 6 in the fed well done David.. No need for a hand rail
  10. In Derry,N.Ireland,
  11. Dont worry yours is cancelled
  12. Novar club 07710 430106.
  13. He said on face book it is on tonight @ 7.00
  14. clockman


    1 of your clubs rings is on face book Allan its in Eyemouth SU.21.NW.3547
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