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  1. Great sale well done to all involved
  2. SNFC, Dundee clock checking today 2pm
  3. clockman


    The SNFC Late Bred Sale will now be held on Saturday 16th September at Newmains Club Rooms. Sale starts at 2pm, viewing from 1pm.
  4. Plenty fifers on here . Susan goes out her way to help others,Come on help her out.
  5. Clock checking tonight at 6pm
  6. clockman


    Falaise birds liberated at 06:00am17 July 2023 The convoy have been liberated at Falaise at 06:00am into a very light south west wind. Birds cleared north immediately in one group.
  7. Well done to I.Scott Forfar 1st sec C 5th open. Huntingdon ,DJ Liddle Forfar 2nd sec 7th open, C&G Cameron Arbroath 3rd sec 8th open {what a race they had} , And well done to all the Angus fed & Dundee fed members on the result, It must be one of the best SNFC racers the two feds have ever had,👍
  8. Clock checking tomorrow at 1pm
  9. Brighton(2) Race Changed to Huntingdon - Friday liberation! (snfc.co.uk)
  10. Clock checking tonight at 8pm
  11. Birds liberated at 06:30am The birds have been liberated at 06:30am into a very light SW wind clearing the site immediately in a north west direction.
  12. Brighton clock checking tomorrow at 1pm .
  13. Clock checking is tomorrow at 1pm.
  14. It's on the website as closed spring bank holiday Monday 30th May 🫤
  15. All lots are paid, Thank you all very much,
  16. Cheers, Thats a good few who have paid by bank transfer .👍
  17. Yes. soon as we have the contact details of the breeders
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