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  1. Is there anyone who can help me with the new update, got as far as instruction 6 but says on computer cant open com8 at 9600ad, tried cable in different places on computer but no luck.
  2. Think your find they finish on the 3rd Jan.
  3. Staying at the DAISH,S hotel again this year from Wednesday until Sunday, 5days 4 nights half board entertainment each night £144.00 each.
  4. Anyone started making plans for the show yet, is anyone going.
  5. For quite a while now I have a warning come up in the left hand corner of the page saying that the site is not secure, is this something I should worry about, do other members have the same thing.
  6. Single loft training is permitted as from today, suppose that is Scotland as well.
  7. Sent yesterday by email did you receive it.
  8. August 05,but if I remember a lot of us were members before that and had to rejoin when Richard redesigned the site.
  9. How many pads do you have running to need a booster.
  10. It certainly cleared up young bird sickness for me.(Malt Vinegar that was)
  11. Used to use it but started to get expensive, used to buy it in 5ltr containers, now use just ordinary vinegar, was told to use it at the rate of 10ml mixed onto one kilo of food when I had YBS cleared it up in about 4 days, now I use it every day in the water except on a Sunday when I put it on the corn. Won every club old bird race last year so can,t be doing any harm.
  12. Don,t think he is a new starter as he joined on here in 2013.
  13. Cheers Andy will give them a try, hope you are all keeping well. Still £6 each plus £5.95 p+p.
  14. Hi all, Just wondering if there is anybody still buying the above, if so could someone recommend the best place to buy them.
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