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  1. bird belongs to a friend of mine who lives in buckie on the moray coast, i dont think he is on computer, ill let him know cheers.
  2. 43 instead of 44, its took.
  3. go on then, 40 and 44 for me, luv a bet lad.
  4. looks like a closed shop that fed of yours, get it sorted.
  5. not a problem mate, free courier and well bred y/birds for a raffle, whats not to like, good luck.
  6. have used it for years, good stuff in bath.
  7. points system for ace flyer award is a fine way to finish the season on, well done the moray firth flying club, the new kids on the block✈️✈️☀️☀️☀️
  8. done the job , deseves her retirement, good doo.
  9. barley maize and pellets linseed to mix and o aye a drap o baby milk, for breeding birds, gee me a break min?? peter yiv let me doon min .
  10. was keeping an eye on their results last season and must admit they did well flying from the extreme west through the terain with decent velocities, well done lads.
  11. for the last 2 year i havnt separated the birds, after racing the bowls are out , the feed reduced to an ounce per bird and come the first frost they dont nest, i have an open slatted front to the loft so the doos know when the winter is coming, hope this helps.
  12. not many clubs offering prizemoney out of their own pocket for members to fly for, well done the moray firth flying club.
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