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  1. Gordon I have the letter here and if I knew how to put a picture of it on here I would to prove you are lying. Nowhere on the letter does it state that if not voted on as one would they all step down, that is sh** stirring lies. All the letter has asked is if you want a ballot or a meeting and you have made a totally different issue of it which has resulted in Stuart resigning I hope your proud of your self
  2. The Fed is the Fed and the Nationals is the National they are 2 different organisations, if you want to fly in both then that is your choice. The Fed race program should not be made to suit training for Nationals because not everyone flies Nationals. The Fed program is for the Fed and what the Fed members vote on. If you want to fly with the Fed you have to train your birds if you want to fly Nationals then again it is up to you to train your birds. So that part of your statement is irrelevant to the issue of holding an AGM
  3. Well done to you Alan and your team for looking after our birds in a very difficult season with the changeable weather
  4. I spoke to 1 of the local fanciers that was there and he told them NOT to liberate because they wouldn’t clear
  5. Good luck all, hope you get a good race ðŸ‘
  6. You still lost 4 more than me George 😂😂
  7. Birds are looking in good shape ðŸ‘
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