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  1. Aye, real grateful for the help I got iday. From the time he got in touch with me till he picked up the bird was just a couple of hours
  2. Any fancier in the Aberdour/Burntisland area manage to help me pick a pigeon up from a non fancier. Thanks in advance
  3. Well done fella, two good doos. If my auld brain serves me right, ats three first fed Sedgefields three years on the trot
  4. Robert Barclay. 1256 Robert Barclay 1217 Robert Barclay. 1217 Robert Higgins. 1201 Robert Higgins. 1177 W Henderson. 1171
  5. brocher


    Another brilliant performance. Well done.
  6. Just read an article in a magazine about research done at a university in Canada on neonicotinoids effects on birds. One particular neonicotinoid had a devastating effect on white crown sparrows. Birds given a single grain of treated corn became weak within hours also lost their sense of direction harming their ability to migrate. Makes you wonder about what we're eating ourselves and what we're giving our birds
  7. Thanks very much. Got your phone number from Robbie, will talk to you tomorrow.
  8. Can anyone help me pick an injured young bird up from a non fancier in glenrothes till I can arrange to pick it up?
  9. I would like to add my congratulations and agree with all the other posts, a magnificent performance by a west lying loft into a west wind
  10. Just another bit of information about permitherin, Dr wim Peters south African vet and fancier recommends saturating the loft to control pigeon fly (don't know if you get them in this country) as they transmit disease particularly pigeon pox. He says permithrin is very safe on the birds
  11. Please send me questionaire Sent by PM twice :emoticon-0136-giggle:
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