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  1. Wit about Dd ya tadger he dnt or u forgot about him wanker of a guy so u are
  2. Pmsl suckle 15 in front short doos again. 2 weeks on trot Duncan ya fanny. Don’t give me ur P***
  3. Well done the Mitchell’s, worst I’ve ever seen pigeons returning from a race dehydrate and not in good state. Pigeons that’s experienced and know the score aswell. Not happy tbh.
  4. Well done to my wee pal Arthur brilliant mate
  5. More than that away mate
  6. Only show in the country that’s not going ahead
  7. Been hammered with Percy straight away. I’m hearing a few Doos around that area
  8. Best thing u could do old yin. Ur team got pumped again yassss
  9. I had a great race till 1-20 then been a struggle since 34/40
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