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  1. Only show in the country that’s not going ahead
  2. Been hammered with Percy straight away. I’m hearing a few Doos around that area
  3. Best thing u could do old yin. Ur team got pumped again yassss
  4. I had a great race till 1-20 then been a struggle since 34/40
  5. Raced in a stronger wind than that from same race point and great race it was. Imo better going when every feds in the area same day. As Sunday Percy will hammer u all the road home
  6. Ur bang on but get ur finger out old yin and do ur part if Uve no already done
  7. Well done lads and d mathieson & son and Tommy & hazel for there scorers from Guernsey 🇬🇬
  8. Doos home bill cheers
  9. I will get Craig to pick it up mate. He’s tossing down my way this week
  10. Su 18 l 1802 is mine
  11. So far so good but only a matter of time mate.
  12. Brilliant mate well done canny beat it
  13. Well done peter brilliant mate
  14. Well done Jim brilliant
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