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  1. 5/13 from Alnwick from a 7.15 lib Looks like everyone struggling today
  2. Best of to all that entered
  3. Well done Charlie ,Glen &Les very tough race
  4. Well done Kenny and all timers in what looks like a very tough race
  5. 4/6 from Upper Heyford
  6. 3/6 from Upper Heyford
  7. This bird came in today with our youngsters any takers ????
  8. Lot 31 £70 done thanks.
  9. Lot 31. £40 done thanks
  10. Lot 31. £30 done thanks.
  11. Well done Alan and all on sheet ,a good testing race
  12. Phone Gibby Reid Glen it’s a District bird
  13. Well done Mike Good race today long May it continue
  14. Well done Ryan , always feels great timing for the water races ðŸ‘👠Also well done to John Thompson and all the birds timed into the north section, especially George Duncan timing the Jackdaw ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
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