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  1. perfectly clear here on laptop old birds in the left hand side young birds on the right might not be on your mobile phone
  2. Jumbo

    Snfc Agm

    15/16 miles shorter
  3. Jumbo

    Case Packed

    Have a great break Mike. Soon be Blackpool
  4. It normally lands on Olly Hardy's loft LOL
  5. Jumbo

    Found Pigeon

    Told them at club all our birds came back from the north , so not surprised If there’s 1 there will be more
  6. 6 today so far , up to 13/23
  7. Another 3 in the last 30 mins
  8. Jumbo

    Just In

    James tell Donald I'll pick it up tomorrow
  9. Jumbo

    Just In

    Where in Dundee are you as I'll be going through Dundee tomorrow and could pick it up
  10. Jumbo

    Racing Today

    Andy you have hit the nail on the head Young bird racing needs to change either start earlier or later as Percy teaching young to hunt at the moment combine that with youngsters circling race point not knowing what do , ends up in a disaster , it happens every year How many times do fanciers need to be kicked in the nuts to realise things need to change
  11. Jumbo


    I will send you a PM with details of fancier that has your birds
  12. Jumbo


    Cheers Mike I will forward details when he gets in touch
  13. Jumbo


    National rung bird came in with a friends bird from National today It's in Banchory Aberdeenshire
  14. Jumbo

    Snfc Roye

    Very well done to my very good friends Charlie &Glen A fitting reward for all the hard work you put into your pigeons The winning bird Branch 3rd Open 2018 and now 1st Open 2019 a once in a lifetime pigeon Congratulations from me and Dad
  15. Jumbo


    Got 1 at 7.35am
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