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  1. RIP Jim a fantastic pigeon man.Condolences to the family.
  2. *expletive removed* disgraceful.
  3. Booked up.Going with wife looking forward to it.Hopefully more trade stands than this year.
  4. Ayrshire at Wetherby Friday.
  5. Ayrshire liberated 0730 Blaydon in a light West wind.All birds cleared site in one batch.691 pigeons .Good luck.
  6. Ayrshire liberated Wooler 10.45 in a S/E wind cleared well in one batch heading West. 931 birds.
  7. Ayrshire at Wooler 98miles to Patna sending 25.
  8. Ayrshire being brought back home from Lauder.
  9. Ayrshire postponed Lauder race marking for 24 hours.
  10. Ayrshire being brought home from Lauder.
  11. 19 at Lauder 2 with Ayrshire 70 miles to Patna. Only 2 lofts sent 33 birds boys getting blootered training.
  12. Just like to thank Sean and Stewart for helping out with my problem with yb.Shame it wasn’t a happy ending to much damage done.
  13. Anybody able to help me get a injured yb picked up from Ballintuim Blairgowrie asap from non fancier.
  14. Ayrshire liberated Lauder 1000 SW wind 1077 pigeons.
  15. Mauchline pigeon Alfie Lawrence 07794041688
  16. Dalry pigeon L.McCall 07818897580
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