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  1. Ayrshire liberated Blaydon 0715 light west wind
  2. Ayrshire liberated Lauder 1130 NE wind.
  3. Sad news.R.I.P John condolences to the family.
  4. Also just home was disappointed with amount of trade stands but enjoyed all the same .Roll on 2023.
  5. I’m also looking forward to the show weekend but don’t think it will be as busy this year.Think a lot of people will be a bit wary.I’m double jagged and had booster so not to concerned.Hope everyone that does attends enjoys themselves and are safe.
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.🥳
  7. The 73 Ayrshire pigeons have been joint liberated with Almond Valley at 1000 Wetherby.Good luck.
  8. Ayrshire liberated Darlington 0945 L.S wind.Good luck all.
  9. Lost 6 first race from Lauder,10 second race from Wooler (human error,race controller resigned after his *expletive removed* up) and lost 5 at the weekend from Blayden.Flew 3 races and lost 21.This with Ayrshire fed.
  10. 3/8 1/16 1/14 0/11 0/5 0/1 returns in Dalmellington from Blayden with Ayrshire Fed at clocks 17.00
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