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  1. Just out of curiosity do the breeders of fancy pigeons have their youngsters go down with y/b/s. Looking at many of these breeds they're inbred to the nth degree.
  2. 4-4-2 3-5-2 4-2-2-2 5-4-1 4-5-1 Trying a new system Will still be racing w/h cocks, going to try racing a nice team of w/h hens as finding it hard to train naturals.
  3. Pop 6 rings in the post when you get them, one good turn deserves another
  4. Old 8x6 loft demolished and burnt, preparing ground for a new 8x5 loft to house 16 w/h hens.
  5. Put a plastic clip-on ring on the non ring leg then tie a piece of string between the two rings adjusting till its the right length enabling the youngster to stand.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-40978255
  7. Tony C


    Same here in Dagenham (east of London) but we dont seem to be hit nowhere near as much as you guys. Only thing I can put it down to is theres 2 nature reserves in the vicinity with an abundance of wild birds which include feral parakeets which have become high up on peregrines prey of choice. http://www.cbc.ca/ne...ss-uk-1.3439467
  8. Think I see a R&K O'Connor on a result in the homing world a couple of weeks back
  9. Think this is the stuff you have to add a teaspoon of vinegar in the drinker, apparently it helps to suspend the liquid in the drinker (stops it binding or sinking.......one or the other).
  10. Essex & Kent Amal 08:00 out of Wetherby in a light south wind.
  11. http://www.dreyerloft.com/resources/Ultimate_Guide_to_Pigeon_Feed.pdf
  12. when's the race RCH? if in the next fortnight you'll only get approx 1 hour 15mins from sunup till basketing. Once they get their mates or nestbowl they'll not be interested in eating or drinking so the time available will be very limited. I personally would feed all they want Thursday then fill pots & trough with a mixture of small seeds and leave overnight so they could pick at this first light day of basketing.
  13. Putting a health problem aside, dodgy maize or oil put on their feed could be rancid.
  14. It was touted a few years back that a vaccine for chickens to combat EDS* helped. Am sure Vets in Belgium combined a PMV/EDS vaccine. Maybe you should ask on the PIPA site as this is geared more for the continental fancy. *EDS= Egg Drop Syndrome.
  15. Tony C


    And they're off Good luck folks
  16. O bollox! another one I've missed
  17. I remove all nest bowls from the loft with the nesting material left intact. I number the nest bowls to their corresponding box/s. Come basketing the cocks get their own bowls back. Now the $64,000 question........ do the cocks recognise their own bowl?...........do the cocks recognise the smell of the old nest? I don't know the answer but could it be so?????
  18. Ah! sounds like a Baldrick cunning plan
  19. Have done this myself many times.
  20. Tony C


    Discussed at length here http://forum.pigeonbasics.com/topic/16879-paratyphoid-can-it-be-stopped/page__hl__Salmonella
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