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  1. Can you pass me your details I know who's bird it is. Thanks and I will pass it on to the owner. What's your name please and location? Thanks 

  2. aye ready


    Su 21 3889...stamped danderhall.. Pentland fed... In this afternoon
  3. Cheers davie will square you up on return ðŸ‘
  4. Looking for a number for a fancier in Kennoway who's 2nd name is cook... Thats all i have to go on as we have lost young birds in the same loft in yarm Cheers
  5. Is there any feds at darlington this week..I've a young bird in Yarm about20 mins from there Cheers
  6. aye ready

    In Today

    Ok... Bit tired and hungry
  7. Cheers folks having a wee night in dundee in the trades house the now ðŸº
  8. In today ok just a bit flown out
  9. Wondering if anyone operates their ets of a solar panel rather than a battery and if so can give me any pointers as to where to get one and approx what size suits it better... Cheers
  10. Top notch lads.... Congratulations ðŸ‘
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