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  1. Don't understand why people liberate pigeons in sh** weather low cloud cover etc..
  2. Scotty94

    Y/b Strays

    Mines is su21 p 627
  3. Scotty94

    Y/b Strays

    I've got one at Whitby stray centre
  4. Scotty94


    can you send me your details i know the owner and looking for your details. thanks
  5. Can you pass me your details I know who's bird it is. Thanks and I will pass it on to the owner. What's your name please and location? Thanks 

  6. Lost 18 at the weekend 🤦â€â™‚ï¸
  7. 17/39 pentland hill catterick
  8. Keep an eye out for 6 youngsters of mine please. All have telephone rings on.(yellow&pink) Lost Thursday night from Herriot (edinburgh) Su21P 193-blue Su21P 493-blue pied Su21P 499- blue pied Su21P 522- blue W/F Su21P 523 cheq pied GB21 L 01364 cheq. Cheers
  9. Looks bad there, forcast doesn’t show much better until afternoon
  10. Excellent forecast has changed dramatically on the forecast I look it excellent news. All the best everyone
  11. Hopefully get a race forecast isn’t the best
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