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  1. aye ready


    Su 21 3889...stamped danderhall.. Pentland fed... In this afternoon
  2. Cheers davie will square you up on return ðŸ‘
  3. Looking for a number for a fancier in Kennoway who's 2nd name is cook... Thats all i have to go on as we have lost young birds in the same loft in yarm Cheers
  4. Is there any feds at darlington this week..I've a young bird in Yarm about20 mins from there Cheers
  5. aye ready

    In Today

    Ok... Bit tired and hungry
  6. Cheers folks having a wee night in dundee in the trades house the now ðŸº
  7. In today ok just a bit flown out
  8. Wondering if anyone operates their ets of a solar panel rather than a battery and if so can give me any pointers as to where to get one and approx what size suits it better... Cheers
  9. Top notch lads.... Congratulations ðŸ‘
  10. derek rooney...but not sure wether he's still the rep in the uk
  11. Currently in residence in bonnybridge, any takers
  12. used this couple of years ago colin and again another waste of money like every product i've used before to try and prevent it...the only product that works for me when they do get the secondary infection i.e ecoli is amoxycillin used it for years now and wouldn't go past it
  13. No sure why you thought they had a virus and them let them out to fly... Would have thought that would have put them under more stress... Think the fact that they only flew for 18mins to me shows they were not interested in exercising... Maybe you could tell us yor reasons for exercising them
  14. Only asked al since i thought you had them.. Didnae need the comment but its fine I'll ask muttley
  15. Alf whats the distance from the plastic front to the front of the box
  16. Aye he's doing good peter... Just pottering aboot the birds keeping himself gaun
  17. Good job its no like the auld days peter when it was aw toulets and printers and clubs had 40+ members.... Imagine the strike aff wi the 2 metre rule.. We would be half way doin the street 😂😂
  18. you and yer buddy greenbar are a pair of (.) (.) lol
  19. You've changed yer tune mambos bumchum... Oot of yer 14000 odd posts have any of them actually had tae dae wi the the doos lol... Wha are ye??????
  20. can see what school you went to lol...can't even spell his fkn name
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