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  1. Congratulations to Matt Sheilds on his 2nd Open SNRPC Arras last wkend. So very very close you very nearly pulled it off. You still have the conselation of winning Sect C" so very well done m8! :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0167-beer:
  2. Congratulations Newcombe & Black!
  3. Some ylg Congratulations guys!
  4. Your right John top flying! David doesnt make excuses he just gets on with it flying broken birds he has still excelled and there were them that couldn't find entries. Makes ye laugh!
  5. Great win and great lift your on the beers next time I see you Gordon. Well done m8!
  6. Hearty congratulations team Kinnear! Winning the Gold Cup for a second time is not a surprise!!! :emoticon-0167-beer:
  7. Well done Craigy Boy Top bombing!
  8. It's good to hear them things glad you've got her home Brian. Theve got bottle no doubt about it m8!
  9. Well done Davie good stuff!
  10. Excellent Wattie top hen well done m8!
  11. Thought I saw it somewhere pal. Maybe it was on the sheet of paper you recieved a few wks ago when we got our race sheets etc
  12. It's on the website m8!
  13. Well done to all the lads that have tomed in!
  14. Congratulations well done Danny!
  15. Hearty Congratulations to you both m8. Your gonna be a busy man now! No be long til their pulling the youngster s oot the bottom boxes by their tails haha!
  16. Awh it's horrible sorry for your loss Michael
  17. Just heard sad news, RIP Tony
  18. Valiant Fifer


    yeah I would have thought so m8.The birds will need as many hrs as they can a think to fill on all places because of the situation.Im sure it'll be adjusted though!
  19. Valiant Fifer


    If Reims is scheduled for friday 31st july What will the hrs of darkness be. If Roye was originally for friday 17th july and the race closed at 10.30 should the Reims race not close at 10.00pm or 10.15pm.Just saying!
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