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  1. Sad news indeed You will be sorely missed Bobby! May you rest in peace
  2. Yeah mine Gordon. Can collect tonight!
  3. Ok pal I'll check it out thanks very much!
  4. Hi, Can anyone help. I have a pigeon reported In Co Tipperary In the Republic. The finder is a Non fancier and the pigeon has been hawked. That's all i need! Maybe someone can point me in the right directio ie some names and nos of some fanciers who.might be able to help me out. Any help will be much appreciated thanks!
  5. Yup John that's about 1prize for every 4 entered!
  6. It's obviously right on my doorstep Cem I see them a lot absolutely menaces they are. Anyone training in that area had better be careful there are a few pairs there and in the surrounding quarries near by. If possible train early morning or go somewhere else!
  7. Good point m8, The Solway lofts made it look easy with 27 clocked by them on the day from 210 sent.Thats a descent percentage on the kind of race that it was.
  8. Well done people in what was a very tough race from there! :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  9. Just like to say well done to Tam Paterson Of Plean winning sect D with only 1 bird away. I told ya you would time in Tam!
  10. Congratulations Peter outstanding m8!
  11. Well don Ryan good stuff!
  12. Valiant Fifer


    Well done to all the timers last night Its bn a very tough race from the coast!
  13. Well done to all the timers! :emoticon-0137-clapping:
  14. Thats good Austin they live to go another day!
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