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  1. Liked that chad 3646, brings back memories I think I know where u read it as well! Good stuff and a great pigeon!
  2. Beautiful Modern Trophy well done Arch! wont look out of place in any ones house Well done too the winner!!!
  3. Yup very nice Fifer, any other birds on the beach or was it too chilly Lol!
  4. Reason I was asking Ladies & Gentlemen I was needing a favour from someone. I could do with some help in getting some pigeons up to Scotland from the Doncaster show on 22nd/23rd November. Simply to save on carrage. If someone could do this for me I can meet them somewhere convenient or collect them from their place after they return from the show! These pigeons are returning to Fife to me (Stuart Bowman) If someone can help me out please PM me when you can it would be much appreciated lads! Best Regards S.B.
  5. HI PB MEMBERS, who's Going to Old Comrades(Doncaster)Show 0n 22nd & 23rd Nov ?????
  6. Valiant Fifer


    I have been to see P.Patricks pigeon named Silver Star today and she is a cracking hen. Already twice a winner in the SNRPC, Well done to Pete also Wullie Smith for putting Scotland on the map.
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