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  1. Usual well reared ybs Brynn very nice
  2. Theres a wooden one here Sandra you can have , needs new wee landing board , easy repair
  3. Welcome back Gary, good luck mate
  4. Thanks Bryn , problem is no more and hopefully will have a good hatch , heres hoping
  5. I lost all my first round eggs due to marauding cat going through trap, birds out for 4 days , got them back down on eggs but they still don,t look settled, fingers crossed
  6. gordi.b

    Show Racer

    Anyone give a home to my show racer cock , no room at the inn for him free to a good home, don,t seem to be able to post pic
  7. Your right John , was in the bar where you you were and yes it did shut sharp, my bro in law went out for a fag at 1-20 and they weren,t gonna let him back in , glad they did it was his roond
  8. Oh its you , thought you had left the country And did i get a bargain, or what,!!!!!!!!!! !
  9. Is it just my imagination or does this show finish half an hour earlier every year, soon be down to one day .
  10. Popped in and out two or three times , looked quite busy .
  11. I will drag my brother in law who is a dooman for 1 weekend every year along, see you there
  12. Going down Friday , will be down iin Arena at some stage
  13. Crows and seagulls , all the wee birds disappeared
  14. gordi.b


    will see if anyone at work comes from down your way Andy will get back to you
  15. gordi.b


    12 pallat black V perches and a wooden sputnik needs new flap , easily repaired , free to anyone that wants them
  16. Me, wife bro in law and wife staying at the Sandford as usual Friday to monday
  17. Picked up my made to measure boxes for my stock section today, usual first class job. Many thanks Davy
  18. gordi.b

    All Gone

    Ours were all gone last week, there one day gone next day
  19. you still ot 4 rows of six davy?
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