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    Hope she turns up Austin , been terrorised by the bloody thing here. Yb missing last night after they disappeared for an hour
  2. Had both mine Andy , no after effects.thankfully
  3. gordi.b


    Lost 3 in past fortnight to Hen Sparrowhawk , seems to have gone quiet now hopefully
  4. Paid by transfer last night . lot 19 thanks
  5. Lot 19 £40 CHEERS
  6. Happy Retirement Linda , always a pleasure to deal with.
  7. Phoned last night Skin , " no answer"

  8. Happy New Year George all the best for the coming season.
  9. When i had the virus i think i watched every episode , Victors birthday sailing doon the Clyde , priceless
  10. Got a team of l/bs,mostly from a pigeon mate, had around 10 tosses out to 15 mls they have def got the hang of it, no losses yet , fingers crossed
  11. Great read for a cold winter night, keep them coming.
  12. Been training my latebreds in the reasonable weather , all present and correct at the moment, and all arriving in one batch , long may it continue
  13. Well deserved tributes to one of Scotlands best , well done Brian
  14. We have had quite a lot of faulty ones this year some old some new seems to be a bit of a problem
  15. My 7yr old cock returned from Reims on Wednesday
  16. Stopped on my way to work this morning about 7am just the other side of Boness, watched a huge hen sparrowhawk chasing a batch of about 30-40 ybs , don,t know if they were trainers or a local fanciers , the hawk relentlesley hunted them and eventually got one , horrific to watch,
  17. Started training with 33 ybs 5 tosses later down to 10 and some of them are injured , end of the road for me im afraid.
  18. Cheers Andy , hope you are all well
  19. Mealy cock SU 19 SB 1604, Anyone?
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