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  1. I see you have got over your technophobia. ^_^
  2. Has it got any white on it
  3. At least someones racing , good show
  4. My old Henry does a great job
  5. gordi.b

    Pipo Boxes

    Set pipo boxes free for uplift, any use to anyone ?
  6. Good Morning from cold but sunny Crossgates
  7. You cannae beat a bit of colour , am a right Skin??
  8. Good morning from sunny Crossgates
  9. Strange got loads messages?
  10. Got 4 sets up/over boxes been used might do some one a turn.pm for info
  11. We actually met the same couple from our town 3 times over a few years in different countries.
  12. Couple of strangers in tonight GB 10 J 33634 BL PIED This is not an old bird SU 19 F 1458 CH W/F
  13. gordi.b

    In Tonight

    Cheq Pied in tonight Su19 DF 1562
  14. Anyone have a contact No for Baird and Mcmillan Burnbank , thanks
  15. High Fliers , great service
  16. I will endorse that Skin , the guys couldnt have been more helpful and it was done in Jig time , the only down side was being squashed in the front of Hyndy,s van . as they said in Jaws "we need a bigger boat "
  17. Anyone got a contact for Wullie Semple , cheers
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