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  1. Grizzle hen gb 18s 01336 bit flown out ,on the mend now Any takers
  2. gordi.b


    My mate" One Skin" was there yesterday said the shelves were bare , saved me a journey
  3. Sad news Austin , loads of good memeories mate
  4. Best wishhes for a speedy recovery Andy , get well soon
  5. Well done Austin , well deserved mate.
  6. Fife away 7-50 no wind at sedgfield good luck all
  7. gordi.b


    Hi Brian that’s mine pm me your number thanks
  8. Light cheq SU18 NW 4154, any takers
  9. gordi.b


    Any of you Methil guys own SU18F2485 blue cheq , been here before.
  10. Nice gesture Davie , well done
  11. Arrived last night in Crossgates about 6 of them
  12. Blue cock now recovered owner please
  13. gordi.b


    Great stuff Katie , well done Great stuff Katie , well done
  14. Basket mine night before and leave them in the van , toss them prior to going to work
  15. Anyone got Jimmy,s no , deleted in error , p.m. me , cheers
  16. Are the hen boxes in sets of 4 Davy ? cheers Are the hen boxes in sets of 4 Davy ? cheers
  17. gordi.b


    Paid £45 to G&R but had to wait nearly 3weeks to get the bird
  18. Still there in torrential rain
  19. gordi.b


    I will text you the time if ye want :drinking-coffee-200:
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