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  1. My final tally this week is 20/37, suppose its better , had a few with tel/rings on not heard a peep ,sign of the times i suppose , keeping them in for a few days then back on the road.
  2. Took my 37 ybs as per usual to the south of Edinburgh, as i was giving them a spell .before lib a guy came over and chatted to me about the , he had a general knowledge of pigeons and asked if he could take pics on liberation. as the birds circled over Loanhead a peregrine went clean through them taking one out and scattering the rest to the four winds another one appeared chasing a small batch south at nightfall i had 4 home and another 4 today so 29 missing time to shut up shop , better things to do with my time
  3. My ch /pied cock just dropped in from Alencon , glad to see him home
  4. Wee squeaker came in last night
  5. Sent 4 yearlin hens and a 2yr old cock
  6. I once had a 2yr old hen reported not far from me , it had been lost for a couple of months , when i went to collect it was away with his birds on a training toss, he shall remain nameless
  7. gordi.b

    White Hen

    Wee white hen , picked her of the loft last night SU 16 L 11617
  8. Fife Fed Ripon 10-15 s/w good luck
  9. gordi.b


    Had a call from John this morning and he is going to replace it , Thanks John ^_^
  10. gordi.b


    In tonight been hanging around for a couple of days, any takers
  11. gordi.b


    Received my S.n.f.c package today, opened up the book and half the pages fell out , have we changed suppliers ?? pretty poor quality
  12. Fife fed 2pm from Berwick good luck
  13. Good luck Brian , we aint up yet
  14. Nae swallows in Crossgates yet, But the resident Blue tits are back in their box
  15. Hill o beath club 12-00 for 1-00
  16. Happy Burfday Andy , have a good day
  17. Usual well reared ybs Brynn very nice
  18. Theres a wooden one here Sandra you can have , needs new wee landing board , easy repair
  19. Welcome back Gary, good luck mate
  20. Thanks Bryn , problem is no more and hopefully will have a good hatch , heres hoping
  21. I lost all my first round eggs due to marauding cat going through trap, birds out for 4 days , got them back down on eggs but they still don,t look settled, fingers crossed
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