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  1. Sad day today my best friend Ken Pettit passed away today. RIP Ken. MJB
  2. good hen all the best I hope you get her. MJB
  3. I think seeing a bird basketted for a race, then a liberation with some footage of it trying to get home with its final clip of it folding its wings diving towards its loft. Then the thrill of the owner when he first sees it diving etc. MJB
  4. Thanks for the advise. Redcheq I have an elderly fancier on standby. Got a meeting tomorrow with the team then should have a date for treatment. Mjb
  5. I wear separate clothing to go down the loft even a loft coat. I have purchased a helmet type dust mask which is fed through a fan. I timed myself today had them all cleaned out fed and watered within 10 minutes. Mjb
  6. I do not know whether you all know but I have been advised that I have throat cancer. It will be treated shortly and I am expecting a favourable outcome. My question is what did you do with your birds when having chemo? Did you wear mask etc and spend as little time as possible around your birds? Or carry on as normal? What were the side effects etc. Or did you avoid them and get someone else to do the birds? Thanking you in advance of any answers you may choose to write, Mjb
  7. Yes it was the only bird on the day too an awesome achievement. MJB
  8. The trouble with not racing ybs is this. you will loose the ones you should have lost or identified as not worthy a perch over the winter as yearlings. Loose them as ybs not as yearlings. Those missing birds look like world beaters before you send and never see them again. Those that dont get lost as ybs are fed watered and scrapped out all winter which can be very sole destroying. Losses are inevitable and in some cases wished for, loose the rubbish. The only positive thing of not racing ybs is the good ones yet to be identified are not put under pressure to early. MJB
  9. My young yellow cock don’t stand a chance of finishing the YB season then. Mjb
  10. I tried to buy some but he is an ignoranious as he never even responded so no. Mjb
  11. Sunday 28th June: Birds liberated at 7.15am in to blue skies and a light South West Wind, clearing the site immediately. The wind will increase on route becoming West South Westerly in the channel. Good luck to you all. BBC Messac
  12. Great news I bet you were thrilled just to get them marked and away. I am hoping I get that thrill this weekend. Well done. Mjb
  13. Great to hear you are off and enjoying this wonderful sport. Mjb
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