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Are any of you lads paired up yet ,my shed is not far from the house so facing south the sun hits it about March i dont race youngsters a lot if any so no hurry for me .What guides your pairing time ,just a thought see if any fowk still looking on here ?? where have fowk gone . Hope you all had a good Christmas .

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Your'e right Phil, very quiet on here but it is Christmas I suppose, I don't race anymore but when I did would never have been breeding this early, wouldn't have had rings anyway, I've seen pictures of 20 or more weaned youngsters wearing their 2022 rings, What a complete nonsense.

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3 hours ago, Buff said:

Worse thing they done was “ modernise “ the site , it was fantastic before now I only look on it every few days . A great example of if it’s not broke don’t fix it imo 

Unfortunately as I have explained on several occasions,  it was broke! Due to the Old Server closing down it's service  a new server had to be sourced  hence the update. 

Please let this post return to its original topic, regarding Pairing birds.

A previous Topic titled Site Format,  had 61 posts regarding members views and opinions on the latest update.

Any further posts regarding the site update on this topic, will be removed by Admin.

Thank you 

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On 12/27/2021 at 9:53 PM, Big Davie said:

Sometime in March early enough for me , not too interested in racing ybs

Yep, March. Two rounds and all fl the whole programme. From the shortest to the longest ... but not neccesarily every race,

 Traing! Never done back in the 50-mid 60's. That started when the Trains lines closed in many racess, and some wanted 'Other's' wanted others tppay their fuel. Whether they went the same place to be released is often doubted... released on way back!

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