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  1. Welcome to Basics Dave Coulman, we look forward to your input to our site
  2. I have started deleting old Morning & Weather posts, as I understand how frustrating it was becoming to members, when they opened the Forum, only to be met with numerous old Morning & Weather posts. Can members please post Weather topics on the correct Weather board please. ie Weather Forecast and Links I hope this action meets with the members approval.
  3. Good morning folks have a good Wednesday
  4. Any assistance would be very much appreciated 👍
  5. Congratulations to David Jamieson on receipt of his SNFC Bronze Award. Also for Wining SNFC Section D Averages
  6. True gentleman, and as a Celtic fan, I always respected him. RIP Sir.
  7. Congratulations and Well Done Stuart
  8. sapper756


    Welcome back Mac
  9. Hopefully get the latrbreds plenty training tosses early in the New Year
  10. This was always on my shopping list each year, while attending the BHW Show of the year at Blackpool
  11. Hopefully you will have a very smooth recovery
  12. I thought this might be of interest to some members.
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